Posted On: Apr 27, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Linkedin is considered as the most effective social networking site to help grow your business. Linkedin is such a powerful business marketing resource that its membership has doubled in past one year and grows every person per second. Here most connections are made, leads are generated and deals completed which makes the site irresistible.
Below are some of the ways to use LinkedIn for maximizing your business:

 1. 100% Profile complete:

100% profile completeness ensures it ranks in the top 5 results of Google search for your “First name and Last name”. Make sure your profile has rock solid information of your products/ services which can boost brand value.

2. Networking:

Make use of LinkedIn as a live networking event and introduce yourself to others, accept invitations, make new friends and start helping more people to connect, for creating more opportunities in long run.

3. Website customization:

Customize your website in LinkedIn, let’s say creating a call to action attracts more people than a general my website. Make it look and sound exciting.

4. Do something New:

Upgrade your LinkedIn profile by adding an interesting story, video recommendations and let people know who you really are and how you can help them.

5. Recommendations:

Recommend others to receive more recommendations on LinkedIn.  It helps increase the social proof for their profile.

6. Join relevant groups:

Focus on targeted groups that you want to be a part of or start a new group. Think the members as independent social networks to spread your message and get connected to key business partners in LinkedIn.

7. Ad Twitter account with LinkedIn:

If you want to keep your message on top of the mind of your connections, sync up your LinkedIn account with Twitter.

8. Upgrade Company profile:

LinkedIn allows adding more information about products and services, sharing videos and providing more insights in the company page section.

9. Work more on Search ranking:

People on LinkedIn are always on look for candidates, freelancers, industry experts and so on. Therefore, optimize your profile to be found and contacted by more people.

10. Add more advanced Applications:

A number of apps available in application section of your profile have eased out the process of spreading your message to larger audience, irrespective of the business or industry that you belong to.

Above pointers would help you on using LinkedIn for gaining better visibility as LinkedIn is definitely one of the best tools for online marketing of your business.