Posted On: Feb 17, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Intuition In Business, Will It Work?

The world is pacing towards a speedier lane where key decision makers are themselves tangled in a race to compete with the ‘ish’ resources. It is an objective of any business to grow quickly and efficiently. But, the experts say the results vary from expectations. So, does that mean intuition has a role in greater business objectives?  Maybe it does! But, a vast majority of business leaders still vouch for a structured process of decision making.

Did you know many successful business owners and bright minds from dynamic industry have often accredited their success to intuition? To name a few are Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and many more. It somehow seems to keep the wheels rolling. Intuition has remained a cog in the realm of creativity or scientific explorations; it is often the most relied essence to meet the end results.

To decode intuition, it is necessary to understand the way mind functions. Why do we rely on intuition when it may or may not lead to a solution? The gut feeling often comes from the deepest perception of our minds. The conscious part of our mind often absorbs the instances of life we live and the notion is passed down to the subconscious mind. Then, the decision making is solely based on the comprehension made by the subconscious mind. It often guides us into frontiers of the unknown.

In the millennium, data is everything! The existing data-driven trend has escalated from the humdrum campaigns and marketing system. The vastness of Google search results will indicate the necessity of intuitiveness in forking the exact results. If you are looking for answers, rummaging through the pile will yield nothing! Look beyond the spreadsheets and into the heart of human mind. What would you pick if you weren’t under restriction?

A quality decision is a research and intuition backed equation. A trade-off is achieved when the intellect commands the instinct, and the instinct utilizes the target data. Your logical intellect becomes a consulting point where the typical approach is validated time to time.

The origin of instinct is from the ability of an individual to reason. It is a skill nurtured within the conscious part of our mind. Strict mental indoctrination can alone enhance it. It is possible for any individual to hone intuitive capabilities. It can be done, but it is not a cake walk. Extreme dedication and focus are necessary for the developing instincts to bring a balance between the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

The important part of using intuition to enhance your business is to document the viewpoint and to enhance them every other time. There are ways aplenty as to how people tap their instincts. Sometimes, engaging in simple chores will clear your conscious mind of any trapped thoughts. Once the mind is clear of worries, it paves the way for a deeper connection with the subconscious mind.