Posted On: Jan 21, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

No matter what, a perfect mailing list is very important in direct marketing. Before you start working on your marketing campaign, firstly you need to build a strong in-house mailing list.

Now let’s see what marketing mailing lists mean. As the name itself tells, it’s a list of all the prospective customers along with other information that are required by the marketer. There is no second thought as to, how effective these mailing lists are. A merchant can create an effective marketing plan and at the same time, positive responses from the recipient can be expected.

However, having one mailing list and using it repeatedly will definitely not help. You have to update your mailing list database before launching a new marketing campaign. Perhaps, an old mailing list can end up in giving bad results. So, make sure that you check all the information about your customers before launching a new marketing campaign.

Which Is Better: A Postcard Or An Email?

The goal of your marketing campaign is to reach the target consumers effectively. Keeping this in mind, it is very important for you, as a marketer to choose what kind of marketing is helpful for you. Either online or offline marketing. Once you chose what kind of marketing is necessary for your business, make sure that your marketing list is updated before promoting your products and services. Because, no matter what kind of advertising tactics you choose, maintaining an updated mailing list is very important.

If you wish to market through postcards, you will be able to track your success immediately, but may be a wrong email address could be hazardous to measure your success results.

It is more or less the same case with email marketing as well.  You will have to make sure that the information that you have is updated and authentic. In fact, in email marketing, you need pay more attention in terms of the address that you have because, your target consumer might have multiple email accounts and they might not check it frequently.

Thus, it’s always a better idea to create and update your marketing mailing list for your upcoming and new marketing campaign, so that you yield good results.