Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Well where to go, this morning when I started for simple search on Google I stuck to that page for 30 minutes. Not because of word but for something special that forced me to pause. Yes I know that you guys have also played and still trying to share the page with your friends showing the strength.

People love to interact with Google’s doodles, and that’s exactly what the search engine giant wants.

Most of the users spend all day playing with the interactive doodles, and that’s probably an exaggeration. Nonetheless, people have spent tons of time with the interactive doodles – for example, users recorded an aggregate 5.1 years worth of music playing with the Les Paul doodle, and recorded 56.899 years of music playing with the Moog doodle.

Although the true popularity of the hurdle doodle is too soon to tell, Google has been “thrilled” with the results so far and noted a high number of people sharing the results with friends.

The doodles are extremely popular, especially when the artists of Google doodle have created something innovative and interesting. Meanwhile, some users on Tuesday tried to hack the hurdle doodle by adding Javascript that makes the runner go significantly faster.

in an interview, Dimino, an artist of the Doodle said, “When planning interactive doodles, we do take ‘cheating’ into account and try to minimize it as much as is reasonably possible. Our hope is that people will want to play a fair game, but we also understand that for some people cheating is in fact an engineering challenge — its own kind of programming Olympics.”

However it’s an interesting and at the same time it’s a kind of surprise that the users are enjoying every day. But it’s not an easy task for the artists as they have been working from last few months to give the maximum effect to their doodles.

“We usually plan doodles at least three months in advance, but in the case of the Olympics, we started thinking about what to do more than half a year ago,” she added. “For some doodles that we do every year such as Mother’s Day, we can even start brainstorming them a year early.”

As the Google doodle is creating a wave on the Google, one can hope for many such doodles in coming days. It seems to be an Olympic wave that is stimulating the sports fan very effectively. Even the person who is not interested for sports, they are also enjoying their luck of gold in Google Doodle.