Posted On: Jan 21, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Mining Industry like other industries has to adapt with changes in order to survive in the competitive world. There is no doubt that mining industry plays a vital role in the world stage.

As we have half past 2015, we have already witnessed mining industry face many hurdles in terms of increasing operational costs to declining ore grades. Therefore, 2015 has proved to be a challenging year for the mining companies in the world.

By following the 10 latest trends in mining industry reported by Deloitte in 2015, companies can go a long way in keeping the industry vibrant, active and alive.

  1. Firstly To Focus On The Basics Methods

While there are some traditional methods that will work well, there are others which you must no longer consider. By getting back to basic rules, you will be able to analyse what combinations will work best and what not. Through this, you will discover doing old things in a complete new way.

  1. To be Open To Innovation

There is no point in tossing over the old methods and strategies. The only way to remain in competition with the world markets is to be open to innovation. While innovations can be risky, it can turn out to be a challenging task for you, since there might be chances where it might be hard for your competitors to implement those innovations.

  1. To Recognize And Implement New Sources

It’s a well known fact that mining industry needs a lot of energy. Gone are the ways, where traditional methods were used to meet the needs.

Investors and owners have to look for some alternative sources that were not traditionally a part of the planning. It will be necessary to make those operations more sustainable.

  1. Handling all the Pipeline Projects

When we are talking about the number of pipeline projects, we are indirectly talking about maintaining the existing projects and finding new ways to enhance them.

However, in mining industry there are no plenty of projects, but to some extent decline in the number of projects will require setting up new strategies in terms of investment returns.