How Marketing Automation Help In Generating Excellent Leads

  • Today, marketing strategies have become more complex. As businesses gain access to greater amounts of customer data, customers at the same time have more options for products and services.

    For most organizations successful social media marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing has a major role to play. This means, they need to produce a steady steam of leads. One of the best ways to accomplish the goal is by using marketing automation to amplify their existing efforts.

    However, there are few ways to generate leads and boost your revenue through a marketing automation program. There are four elements that could drive the best results, they are:

    1.  Marketers Collaborating With Sales

    By collaborating with sales, marketers can get an idea as to which lead is ready for the sale. Instead of marketers chasing the leads, they can instead hand it over to the sales and follow up periodically.

    2. Email Campaigns

    Emails play a vital role in generating leads. About 60% of the consumers take interest in reading promotional email ads. Considering this, marketers can map out the demographics and the behavioral data and bring in targeted auto responder campaigns.

    However, emails are 3 times more effective in generating leads than social media.

    3. Landing Pages

    Through an email campaign, you will get to know who your loyal customers are and who are getting back to you for more and more purchases. Through automation, your customer gets the privilege of providing their contact information, in exchange of a relevant/valuable content. Through this you can increase your lead generation by up to 50%.

    4. To Personalize A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a process where the two web pages are compared with each other to witness which can perform better. This takes place by sending two variants to similar type of customers at the same time. The one that gives better conversion rate, wins!

    3 companies out of 5, say that A/B testing is effective in increasing the conversion rates. Therefore, bring this in to your marketing strategy can gradually increase leads by 60%.


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