Posted On: Nov 18, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Email Response Rates

Email response rates have been the concern of B2B marketers for decades. Spending considerable amount of dollars into formulating a campaign that that is not responded back well or worse, not at all, generally puts marketers back to square one. Talking from a more specific perspective, any link builder in the modern SEO world will not be able to live without tools like Gmail, Link prospector, yesware and more, simply because the larger part of link building depends upon outreaching to bloggers, website owners, journalists and content producers with different motivations.

While sending and receiving emails has become an important part of the link building process, the quality of emails matters much. Few mistakes that people generally conduct is that they are self absorbed and full of assumption. While writing they use long winded, non-assumptive that even a person without hundreds of other ‘requests for attention’ would struggle to rationalize a response.

Reducing the lack of indifferent thought and including genuine authenticity about the whole thing always stick to the philosophy of “treat others like the way you want to treat yourself”.

With this, let’s look at few time tested best practices to improve efficiency of emails and further the email response rates:

  • Create a catchy, attractive and exponentially interesting introduction of you and your business.
  • Make it feel personal and illustrate that you know the person you are reaching out to.
  • Make it seem relevant by using points 1 and 2 to show that you have already thought of a reason as to why you are approaching this person.
  • Illustrate a next step and call to action.
  • Maintain different mediums you can touch them through by connecting with the person on other social channels or even use snail mail.
  • Star Tip – Always keep it short, simple and again treat others like you would like to be treated yourself.

All put in place, a simple follow up would complete your job, maintain a kind tone resolving to delight the recipient and leave the rest to email alone for doing their wonders. Any more practice that has brought great result to email response rates, share with us we are eager to hear from you, meanwhile keep coming back to this space for more interesting blog posts.