Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Effect of Social Media Marketing
Social Media has humongous impact in terms of marketing. There are larger numbers of customers using their quality, and productive time on these social media websites. Social media play a vital role in providing information about how customers go about doing research about various products that are available online.  There are about 60 percent of consumer’s research products using multiple online sources.

Changes impacting the social media marketing

As soon as social media group have involved themselves in marketing strategy. There is huge impact of business. As per today’s statistical research, shows the increase platform of customers to express their range of interest on usage of favourite brands that are available in the market.

Avail of discount

There are larger group of customers share their brand experience through social media. Statistically there are smaller group of individuals do so to receive good discounts.


Social Media play a key role in protecting brand, about 50% of the customers’ add-on reviews, to protect other customers from buying that particular product. This provides benefit for customers in matter of cost saving.

Promoting Sites

Social media provides leniency to the customers, where they can act as ambassadors for the brand they are opting .There are about 53% of vast majority of individuals play a role as ambassadors. This creates a huge fan following list. As the number of fan list increases there will be automatically positive feedback about the product. Social media users find ways to collaborate their favourite brands. There are various age group of people would want to give improvement recommendation. And a hand-full of customers would want to customize the product.

Impact on marketing food

Social media has major impact on today teens. Today’s teens are just food craze. They would spend most of their time in binging junk food. This platform provides friendly offers to these kids or adults for them to grab their eyes on the junk food that is marketed. This adds-on additional advantage for the social media to increase in their marketing strategy.

Examining impact on youth

Social media has several group designed to meet the need of an individual. They come up various foundation programs to prevent unknown disorder. This creates awareness among today’s individual to prevent from taking some unknown steps.

For example:

The Foundation’s program, Healthy Eating Research: Builds evidence to Prevent Childhood Obesity, was designed to support investigator-initiated research to identify and assess environmental and policy influences with the greatest potential to improve healthy eating and weight patterns among the nation’s children. There are several foundation programs that use social media to increase their awareness by posting as on the social media. This will easily help an individual to research about the organizations available, and gain deep understanding about awareness that they are lacking.

Networking with Professionals

Apart from regular sales of the brand product that is available. It also helps to connect to larger number of professional group. There are sites like Linked In, Naukri through social site will ask an employee to join their site by paying certain amount. This way these sites mint money, by helping a job seeker to find desired job he wants to get.

Collaborating with Peers

Social media helps in building relationship with large number of peers from different globe. This is platform where information can be exchanged from any corner of the world.

“Harness the power of social media to find the flow of knowledge from   right people to help you achieve your goals.”