Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Struggling with marketing expenses? Every young entrepreneur has a dream of seeing their brand ranking or service on billboards and TV spots. You absolutely need consumers to start considering even before spending a cent on marketing. For this reason, start-ups often reel in new business by way of direct selling. After all your product has to be on floor and used by people before marketing it, for the outcome to be effective.

So how can we make the products and services directly available to the people who would benefit from them?

1. Emails – Make it real:

What you should not do: Email direct selling is not about automated email marketing program and sleazy HTML emails. It’s not about long sales pitches or affiliate URLs. And never about ‘send and resend’ method of spam marketing

What you should do: Build rapport, deliver value, earn confidence and send an email that does not have any spam characteristics. If possible take reference from Amazon’s Simple Email Service, Mail Merge or other software to increase volume in sales for direct selling.

2. Webinars – Increase Interactivity and feedback:

This platform is extremely interactive and demonstrative further enhanced with tools like ClickWebinar and Cisco’s Webex that allow more audience participation. Bring more audience, get real time feedback, watch engagement scores and have the freedom to analyze later. It is more personal than email but does not put pressure on individual to interact with you.

3. Product – Some giveaways for interesting runaways:

For start ups it is easy to sell a free evaluation period for s service than it is to seal the deal on a long dream contract. Give your customers access to your service free of charge and utilize the opportunity to solicit their feedback. By crowd-sourcing ideas for your product or service from people already using it and you can make the service even better.

Consumers like non-commitment based services, so promote the same through direct selling. What you lose in conversions will make it up in volume. No one gets paid instantly,  so you got to let people upgrade your products and services, and learn the craft of real sales!