Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
mobile customers

Can anyone imagine his or her life without mobile? Well, I cannot and along with me not the millions of people who access mobile and love it more than their lives. Going back to business arena, it’s an obvious fact that by mid 2014 more people shall access the web through mobile devices than PCs. Why? Because it always stays with us, staring our day with the snooze of mobiles till providing work internet, and email access, to allowing us to post in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms all round the clock, Mobiles are an integral part of our lifestyle.

Identifying the Key Mobile Customer Behavior

Forrester report suggests that around 6 out 10 marketers are planning to increase their mobile marketing budget in 2013. But a quick fact to remember is that mobiles are highly personal and digital marketers should be careful while reacting to any change in customer behavior:

The App Power

Try and improve customer experience by including web self-service and web chat within mobile apps to receive information easily. Gartner believe that mobile customer service apps will increase by 600% by 2014 as companies extend their customer service to multiple devices.

Responsive Design

Use responsive design to ensure your website recognizes whether customers are on PC, tablet or phone and delivers optimized content to best meet their needs and device they are using.

Knowledge Everywhere

Mobile customer services should not be developed in silos rather make sure that it is consistent by sharing the same knowledge base between mobile apps and your other channels.

Mobile Friendly Website

Make sure that your website is mobile optimized so that is fast and seamless to load, irrespective the device they are using.

Collect Analytical Insights

Mobile gives you unparalleled opportunities to gather customer insights like – What are they asking for? When are they contacting you? Such information helps drive mobile customer behavior from the traditional web

Omnichannel Approach

Customers may start interaction on your app, escalate via email, call to confirm details, complete the transaction via the web and then discuss the experience on Facebook or Twitter, and so provide a satisfying and seamless customer experience all across channels.

So digital marketers should engulf all the above approaches for an experience that is both satisfying and exciting.