Posted On: Jun 20, 2023
Posted By: John Duff
Top 10 Biggest Mining Companies in the World

The last few years have seen a prolific rise in the mining sector. In fact, the overall top 40 mining companies in the world stand for about USD 925 billion in revenue. The mining sector consists of businesses that conduct exploration and mining operations for energy resources like coal and petroleum, in addition to other precious minerals and metals.

They are employed in the production of a wide variety of capital goods, consumer goods, and industrial goods, including machinery, automobiles, structures, garments, and computers. Some mining corporations are even proficient in mining agriculture-related commodities.

Although mining happens to be a global sector, five of the world’s major corporations are housed in China, the 2nd largest economy in the world. Other major mining companies are headquartered in Brazil, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


The prolific growth in the mining sector makes room for other industries and businesses to look for business opportunities with the mining companies and this is where the need of mining contacts comes into picture to sell related products more efficiently.

So, what are some of the best mining companies in the world? Well, should you wish to know more, read on!

The Top 10 Mining Companies Globally

Here is a list of the top 10 biggest mining companies in the world:

1. BHP

BHP Group Ltd. is currently one of the biggest mining companies globally, and it explores, develops, produces, and processes metallurgical coal, and iron ore. It operates in four segments: coal, iron ore, copper, and petroleum.

  • Petroleum division is responsible for the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas.
  • Copper mining includes extracting metals like silver, Uranium, gold, zinc, copper, lead, and molybdenum.
  • Iron Ore section is made up of  Haematite, Magnetite, Limonite and Siderite.
  • On the other hand, the Coal segment is divided into two categories: Energy Coal and Metallurgical Coal.

Moving on, the corporation was established on August 13, 1885, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.


Revenue is generated by the discovery, development, and treatment of both energy and mineral resources. BHP employs roughly 40,000 employees, including over 40,000 contractors, and operates out of 90 locations on all continents.

Annual revenue: USD 65.098 Billion

Market cap: USD 157.01 Billion


2. Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto Plc. is a company that explores, mines, and processes mineral resources. Energy, Aluminum, Minerals, Copper, Iron ore, Diamonds, and other activities comprise of its business segments.

  • Iron Ore division is responsible for the global maritime iron ore commerce.
  • Aluminum division is responsible for the production of bauxite, alumina, and primary aluminum.
  • Gold, silver, molybdenum, and other by-products are manufactured and available all the way over in the Copper and Diamonds division.
  • Energy and Minerals comprise companies that produce Uranium, borates, salt, and titanium dioxide feedstock, as well as coal operations.

Rio Tinto was established in 1873 and is based in London, England. The company employs over 49,340 employees worldwide and is managed from its registered headquarters in both Melbourne and London.

Annual revenue: USD 55.6 Billion

Market cap: USD 96.67 Billion


3. China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.

china shenhua energy co. ltd.

The Chinese behemoth, China Shenhua Energy Company, produces and sells coal and power. It operates in the following industries: shipping, port, railway, power, and coal.

  • Coal sector consists of coal production and sales, as well as coal mine operations.
  • Electricity section entails the production and sale of energy and power.
  • Railway component involves the operation of coal and non-coal transportation railways.
  • Port logistics and vessels are provided for cargo containing both coal and no-coal cargo.
  • Shipping division covers vessel management (self-operated) and coal distribution allocation.
  • This company was established on November 8, 2004, and is based in Beijing, China.

Power generation facilities for CSEC can be found in East, South, North, Central, and Northeast China. The corporation manages and runs a railway network used for coal transportation and sales, and it also runs ports like the Huanghua Port and the Shenhua Tianjin Coal Dock.

China generates 70% of its electricity from coal. However, coal also serves as a significant cause of air pollution. In this context, China Shenhua Energy seems to be under pressure to implement cutting-edge power facilities, such as ultra-supercritical power generating systems and comprehensive coal gasifier combined cycle systems, so operational costs are anticipated to rise in the short term.

Annual revenue: USD 53.38 Billion

Market cap: USD 77.96 Billion


4. Vale SA


Vale SA manufactures and exports iron ore, iron alloys, manganese, and pellets, which are raw materials used in the steelmaking process. It operates in three divisions: base metals, ferrous minerals, and coal.

  • Iron ore extraction and pellet production, iron alloys, manganese ore, coal, and logistical services are all part of the ferrous minerals category.
  • Coal extraction and logistics services are included in the Coal section.
  • Base Metals section manufactures nonferrous minerals such as aluminum, copper, and nickel.
  • This corporation was created on June 1, 1942, and is based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the capital city of Brazil.

Annual revenue: USD 18.788 Billion

Market cap: USD 74.566 Billion


5. Glencore PLC


Glencore Plc. is a multinational natural resources corporation. It manufactures and markets a variety of mineral commodities. The company’s operations include metal and mineral refining, processing, storage, and transportation, as well as agriculture and energy products.

Glencore is a company that manufactures and trades iron ore, lead, ferroalloys, copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, oil products, aluminum, and coal. Glencore has coal mines throughout South Africa, Colombia, and Australia.

In addition, the corporation has oil and gas-producing properties in Equatorial Guinea, Chad, and Cameroon. It primarily provides services to the power generation, automobile, food processing, steel, and oil industries.

The organization operates across Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Americas, and Africa. Glencore’s headquarters are located in Baar, Zug, Switzerland. On top of being one of the biggest mining companies, they are also the leading producer and manufacturers of coal and nickel.

Annual revenue: USD 18 Billion

Market cap: USD 70.66 Billion


6. Freeport-McMoRan


Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. is a molybdenum, gold, and copper mining company. Some of its business segments are as follows:

  • Atlantic Copper Smelting and Refining
  • Indonesia Mining
  • Molybdenum Mines
  • South America Mining
  • North America Copper Mines
  • Rod and Refining
  • Corporate, Other, and Eliminations

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) is a mining and metals firm that produces cobalt, oil, molybdenum, gold, silver, natural gas, and copper. Mines are operated by the firm in Indonesia, South America, and North America. Mines in its portfolio include Henderson, Chino, Grasberg, Sierrita, Morenci, El Abra, Safford, Bagdad, Tyrone, and Cerro Verde.

The refining and smelting operations are based in the United States, Indonesia, and Spain. In addition, the corporation produces offshore oil in California, and on the other hand, onshore methane in South Louisiana.

Lastly, the entire organization has its headquarters in the Americas, more accurately, Phoenix, Arizona.

Annual revenue: USD 22.8 Billion

Market cap: USD 54.31 Billion


7. Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. is a company that develops iron ore resources. Operating out of China and various other geographical locations, it also has specific initiatives spread out across the globe, such as Solomon Hub, Port Hedland, Chichester Hub, Eliwana, copper-gold exploration, and Iron Bridgen.

Chichester Hub, Eliwana, copper-gold exploration, and Iron Bridgen.  John Andrew Henry Forrest created the company in April 2003, and it has its headquarters in East Perth, Australia.

It is a publicly traded corporation that earns its money through the exploration, processing, production, sale, and development of iron ore. The company employs about 6,400 people and operates in Singapore, China, and Australia.

The Australian Securities Exchange contains Fortescue Metals Group under the symbol FMG. Lastly, Since 2008, Fortescue has delivered iron bores weighing 1.7 billion tones to its clients, making it one of the lowest-cost iron ore producers in the world.

Annual revenue: USD 17.390 Billion

Market cap: USD 45.32 Billion


8. Anglo American PLC


The colossal Mining firm, Anglo American Plc., is involved in the discovery and extraction of precious ferrous metals and base metals. Manganese, Iron Ore, and Corporate and other are the three business segments that the corporation operates via

Metallurgical coal, Iron ore, thermal coal, manganese, minerals, and base metals like niobium, copper, phosphates, and nickel, as well as precious metals and minerals, are all part of its portfolio of mining operations.

Ernest Oppenheimer established the business in 1917, and it has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Furthermore, they are dedicated to becoming carbon-free across their operations by 2040 as a conscientious producer of nickel, premium quality iron ore, platinum group metals, copper, metallurgical coal, copper, platinum group metals, diamonds, and agricultural fertilizers.

More generally, the organization has drafted a Sustainable Mining Plan that binds them to a number of challenging objectives. This is done in order to guarantee that the employees strive for a healthy environment, vibrant communities, and the development of corporate leadership.

Annual revenue: USD 13.3 Billion

Market cap: USD 44.59 Billion


9. Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd.

Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a firm that delves into exploration. The company works with zinc, copper, gold, and various metal resources in the mining, exploration, and smelting processes.

The company works with zinc, copper, gold, and various metal resources in the mining, exploration, and smelting processes. Its operations include mining development, resource exploration, smelting and processing to enhance the industrial chain, technology research and construction, and a fusion of mining with finance, trade, and logistics.

Jing He Chen established the business, which has its headquarters in Longyan, China, on July 15, 1986.

Annual revenue: USD 39.18 Billion

Market cap: USD 36.79 Billion


10. Ma’aden

Ma’aden is one of the world’s fastest-growing mining corporations, as well as one of the Middle East’s biggest mining companies.

Ma’aden established a top-notch, distinctive, and completely integrated mining value chain, helping to establish the mining sector in Saudi Arabia. Ma’aden is increasingly important in Saudi Arabia’s long-term economic diversification.

Ma’aden continues to establish its business operations on a solid basis of sustainable practices while following the most stringent global standards of corporate governance.

Annual revenue: USD 10.73 Billion

Market cap: USD 42.39 Billion


Wrapping Up

Here are the top 10 biggest mining companies in the world currently. With mining carried out only in a handful of countries, major corporations have monopolized on this, and now house a large amount of profitable minerals and metals.

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