Posted On: Apr 06, 2023
Posted By: John Duff
Outbound Marketing Strategies

Looking to boost your outbound marketing efforts? While inbound marketing is all the rage, outbound marketing has not lost its relevance and has gained more popularity over time, so much so that people are investing more effort in it. As per HubSpot 62% of marketers agree that their outbound marketing efforts effectively generate leads.

Top B2B Outbound Marketing Strategies

While outbound marketing is impactful in boosting lead generation for your business, implementing the correct B2B outbound marketing strategies is necessary for the success of your efforts. Currently, social media is the marketplace to be, offering an ideal platform for personalized B2B marketing. Similarly, there are other ways to strategize your promotional efforts and acquire desired results.

In this blog, we will explain the most effective outbound marketing strategies which can help boost lead conversions and sales.

What is B2B Outbound Marketing? How Has It Evolved Recently?

B2B outbound marketing refers to the strategies targeted at delivering your sales pitches directly to the target audience to include them in your sales funnel.

With the rise of social media and online video marketing, three critical aspects of outbound marketing have come into the picture.

First is audience targeting. Targeting can help divide leads and streamline prospects from a vast database. Identifying prospects that can engage with your business saves a lot of effort and time spent on marketing. For example, if your business is associated with the retail industry and you wish to narrow down your prospects in the industry, then you can utilize the retail industry email list to identify and connect with your ideal prospects.

Secondly, pitching a value-based offer to potential clients effectively helps attract them toward your business. Explaining how your services or products can solve their concerns is the key. Finally, propose your prospects with personalized pitches. Customize your communication to attract their attention and offer tailor-made solutions to forge a strong relationship.

When done right, B2B outbound marketing strategies can prove valuable to your sales efforts. Combining it with inbound actions will significantly enhance brand awareness among prospects and ease them into setting business associations with your company.

Top B2B Outbound Marketing Strategies for Successful Business Efforts

Now we understand the importance of B2B outbound marketing and its crucial aspects in executing a successful business plan. Implementing a tailor-made outbound marketing strategy can help your company generate more leads, boost more conversions and eventually boost the revenue for your business.

Let us explore the top B2B outbound marketing strategies that can help your business achieve these goals in 2023.

1. Video Advertising

Video advertising

Video commercials are among the most highly-effective outbound marketing strategies. Videos with engaging content have the potential to attract viewers to watch at least a part of the advertisement.

For instance, while watching videos on YouTube, advertisements pop up and run for a few seconds before you can skip them. If the content of the ads is engaging enough and appeals to the target prospects, then there is a higher rate of them watching the whole video and taking an interest in your business.

Furthermore, even if they choose not to watch the full video ad, it is still enough to boost brand recognition.

One good way to enhance video commercials is to align them with the buyer’s journey in the following manner

  1. Establish brand awareness with an informative video focused on the benefits you offer
  2. Follow it with a demo or tutorial video
  3. End the commercial with a customer testimonial or case study snippet

2. Account-based Retargeting

Account-based retargeting allows marketers to provide specialized marketing experience to key prospects who have previously shown interest in your business.

You can, for example, show digital ads with customized offers that address the specific needs of people who have earlier visited the website.

Retargeting these prospects can lead to prioritize your brand, increasing sales potential and lead conversions. This kind of promotion is less irksome than others, as it only reach prospects interested in your business.

Similarly, people like to view retargeted advertisements as they remind them to revisit your website and explore more offers or complete a transaction they might have left unfinished. According to studies, about 40% of people prefer targeted ads over random irrelevant ads.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is a powerful tool in the current marketing landscape that helps prospective clients get familiar with your business. Marketers can build effective campaigns targeting a wide audience on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Top Social Media marketing platforms

One major advantage of using social sites is that they have all the data of each specific user. Marketers can utilize these insights to enhance their targeted approach. Moreover, social media advertising effectively reduces your marketing budget and boosts conversion rates.

You can even outsource people to manage social media marketing to put special efforts into leveraging the benefits of these platforms.

4. Paid Search Advertisements and Display Advertising

PPC search ads, and display ads are some of the most effective B2B outbound marketing strategies for boosting lead generation.

Using these tactics, you can promote your business across websites and search engine result pages to attract more traffic from prospects and witness rapid results as compared to organic methods like search engine marketing.

Unlike print media ads, digital ads are cheaper and allow marketers to boost targeted efforts. Although using traditional advertising like TV commercials, you can reach a wide range of audiences; web advertising helps you:

  • Specify your maximum marketing budget
  • Target prospects using demographics, intent, hobbies, requirements, and more
  • Lead your prospects directly to your landing pages

5. Nurturing Leads With One-On-One Communication

Do not push your product. Try to understand the possible problem scenarios and create the campaign around addressing those problems with possible solutions. Ultimately it’ll pull the prospects into your funnel naturally. Once you generate leads, identify which prospects need follow-ups on their concerns and challenges and make each step significant:

  • Provide resources to your prospect that they can share with other stakeholders
  • Acquire feedback from customers who overcame similar challenges
  • Utilize B2B lead nurturing strategies to boost conversions

Utilize email marketing and other channels to convey your messages. Concise and relevant messages are vital to effective communication. Your messages must:

  • Convey the key features of your product or services in a concise manner
  • Make the products appealing to the prospects but do not push the products on them
  • Explain how your product can solve their concerns

Follow these guidelines while framing your messages:

  • Make it coherent
  • Keep it brief and to the point
  • Be polite and conversational
  • Convey that you understand their requirements, which will make them feel important as a customer
  • Offer value in your messages by suggesting a solution to their needs through your business
  • Always include a CTA to keep the communication window open for your prospects

6. Utilize Influencer Marketing

Most people using social media follow one or the other thought leaders and value their opinions. These individuals are called influencers. B2B influencers have their form of content which they use to promote their thoughts, such as

  • Podcasts
  • Op-ed articles
  • Webinars
  • Conferences

Connect with the B2B influencers and explain your product benefits to them and how their audience can gain an advantage from your business. Pitching your product in a sponsored project is not necessary. You can rather be a part of their podcast and share your experience to influence your prospects. Alternatively, you can also feature these influencers in your campaigns and leverage their following to promote your brand.

7. Develop a Unique Brand Voice

Your brand voice should be unique for your clients and prospects to easily recognize your business. It should represent your company’s ideologies, put forth your brand perspective clearly, and make you stand out among the competition.

Consistency in brand voice is a powerful B2B outbound marketing strategy that often gets overlooked. Your brand voice can be formal, friendly, and even humorous or sarcastic, depending on what your products or services are. However, businesses must be careful about being overtly sarcastic, as it might irritate or turn away some prospects and affect your brand reputation.

8. Build a Community Around Your Product

Providing a safe space to your prospects where they can share their concerns and doubts is a great way to promote your brand’s perspective. Putting your brand out there as a trusted advisor can help build credibility and develop a community that believes in your brand.

A community does not mean thousands of people following your brand. You can even start with a small social media group. Ask your brand advocates to pitch in their opinions, allocate one of your team members to monitor the group, and get it going.

Once you have successfully built a community enriched with quality content and members who actively engage with your brand, leads will come flowing voluntarily. You can leverage this opportunity to upsell your offer to prospective clients.

Wrapping Up

For successful B2B marketing, inbound and outbound efforts should go hand-in-hand. Outbound marketing tactics can yield effective results and help generate high-quality leads and enhance revenue when strategized thoughtfully.

To boost your B2B outbound marketing strategies, invest your efforts and resources in social media, video advertisement, paid search ads, and more. Keep track of prospective clients and boost retargeted efforts to convert leads and include interested prospects in your sales funnel.

Target your prospects and give due attention to their concerns and channel those insights to personalize your campaigns. Nurture strong prospect relationships with direct communication. Keep your messages concise and clear and focus on explaining how your brand is the solution to all their concerns. Finally, build a community around your brand and offer a platform for prospects to engage with your brand.