Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Email Marketing has been one of the oldest medium of direct marketing and it still holds the same importance undivided by any new forces joining the army. So what is the basic purpose of email marketing? Yes sending emails to targeted recipients is one of them but what matters to B2B marketers and can be characterized as the goal post is generating new customers.

According to a survey conducted by BtoB, Email Marketing: An Established Channel Evolves,” customer acquisition and lead nurturing were the two most important purposes of email marketing program among US B2B marketing professionals surveyed. Brand awareness and customer retention were less important to email marketing efforts.

Survey Results:

Most professional objectives of B2B email marketing (% respondents)

  • Customer Acquisition – 29%
  • Lead Nurturing – 29%
  • Brand Awareness – 18%
  • Customer retention – 15%
  • Transactional Messaging – 8%
  • Cost reduction – 1%

The study even note that content that inspires registration is the most common trigger for email campaign:

  • 63% of respondents reported that event and trade show registration provide leads for email marketing campaigns.
  • 62% say that form registrations for webinars and white papers also trigger an email.

Email Triggers

Email triggers have become relatively rare, as very few marketers reported that their companies use automation platforms to deploy emails this way. Request for demos (36%), website behavior (32%) or call center interaction (17%) are behind in triggering emails.

The sudden rage of mobile marketing pace seems slowed down, as its taking quite some time to enter into the mainstream marketing requiring adaptations to both content and email design.

Practices to Improve Email Marketing

  • Delivering relevant content to segment – 47%
  • Lead Nurturing – 43%
  • Content quality and volume – 40%
  • List segmentation – 30%
  • Email Personalization – 25%
  • Data Analysis – 24%
  • Automated Triggered – 23%
  • List Hygiene – 18%
  • Cross or upsell – 15%
  • Sharing email on social network – 15%
  • Create viral campaigns – 13%

List Vendor – The right choice can make a difference

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