Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

All the B2B marketers need to deliver as many high qualified leads as possible to the sales team. There is no doubt that lead generation should be stated that more, and higher quality leads result in greater revenue. So what are the challenges that should be tackled by the Marketers?

Here are few challenges that should be conquered for better demand generation!

1. The Growing Committee:

It’s a true story that even in a small company also the average number of people involved in a decision is 6.8. According to Marketing Sherpa’s survey, 77% of respondents say that targeting the content to their job role makes the content somewhat or significantly more valuable.

2. Right Content at the right Time:

Don’t expect to maintain same content for every customer. You need to realize that every customer has his/her own choice and according to that you need prepare content. First you need to select your target customers, and as per them you should be writing contents for the maximum effect. Along with you need maintain the right time; it’s true that different buying roles tend to be more involved at different stages.

3. Getting Landing Pages:

As per marketers, they excuse of less time and resources for not creating the landing pages. However, as per the studies, using and optimizing the landing pages can improve conversion rates by 40% or more. Just think of it: getting 40% more conversions for the same spending is a lot smarter than spending 40% more.

4. Being Everywhere:

80% of decision makers say that they found the vendor. Does this mean you should give up or cut you marketing budget by 80%? Of course not, what matters today in marketing is to be findable when people are looking. This, of course, means being everywhere they might possibly be when they start searching.

There are two interesting implications to this. First, it implies lots of cross-media, low-volume campaign all year long rather than spending your budget on one or two big programs.

5. Building Relationships:

Most inquiries are initially not ready for sales, so Genius provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy for marketers to set up workflows that dynamically score leads and ensure a steady flow of communications to potential customers over time, until those prospects demonstrate readiness to engage with Sales. Genius’ real-time tracking of prospects’ actions – email opens, pages visited, links clicked, etc. – updates lead scores continuously. Genius is unique in enabling users to identify qualifying “conversion events”, such as trial sign-ups or visits to a specific web page, that signal strong prospect interest. When a prospect triggers a conversion event or the lead score reaches a threshold, the sales rep is notified instantly along with the prospect’s entire activity history, for follow up at the right time, with the right information.