Posted On: Apr 27, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Marketing to a business (B2B) and marketing to an individual (B2C) are very much analogous in terms of the basic principles of marketing. Both B2C and B2B marketing targets reflect the basic principles of the marketing phenomenon.

The competent B2B marketers assume the same way like B2C marketers- but with a different approach. They understand that amplifying important brand awareness is demanding, but at the same time they know,

  • Precisely who is the buyer and who/what influences them.
  • Generating brand recall is not at all a single campaign rather it’s an always-on stratagem.
  • The indispensable elements of a purchase decision and how to create messaging that addresses those elements.
  • The content, best-practices, and case-studies are imperative to remove the risk of the decision.
  • How to circulate messages and content to focused decision makers, influencers, and peers with abundant prevalence.
  • To keep their customer’s needs and risks in mind when considering marketing strategies.
  • Using interactive banners, social ads or videos to tell their brand-story.
  • To maintain creative consistency and to synchronize all media activities across all channels.
  • To approach in such marketing materials that speak human side of the business world.

What tips can B2B marketers follow from B2C marketing arena?

Know your crowd

B2B audience is made up of business professionals betting on the most economical, risk-averse, and high-purchase value for their companies.

Generate high brand recall

B2B marketers should get innovative and try new messages and slogans to make your brand stand out of the crowd and target them specifically to your potential audience.

Use visuals to sell your products

In B2B marketing, your campaign should be flashy, interactive and catchy as people remember images long after they remember words.

Maintain innovative Consistency

In B2B, creative ideas are part and parcel, but more than what matters is the maintenance of their consistency on all channels.

Human-touch works out

A human touch in your B2B business activities will make your materials stand out of the crowd. Make certain all your marketing materials interact with the human side of the business world.