Posted On: Aug 14, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Telemarketing tips

Winning a business owner through the telemarketing strategy is not as easy as convincing the customers in the B2C universe. Cold calling a business person and striking a conversation needs you to be an expert in this area. You may have to dig the drafted plan deeply until it works successfully with the professionals. Hence the B2B marketers have to follow some verified and tested methods before experimenting with them in the field.

You may have to spend a significant amount of time as well as effort to come up with the best strategy that works better in the B2B space. Fret not, if you have a shortage of time or you struggle to market your products to the business legends every time. This blog consists of all the techniques that help you in this aspect. Practice the hand-picked strategies mentioned here and see how it helps your business growth.

1. First Call Matters A Lot

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“First Impression is the last impression.” Do you agree with this statement? It is one of the well-known proverbs that holds true in almost every circumstance. Hence if you are a telemarketer, try to create the best impression in your first phone call. Instead of a huge leap, try baby steps to read your customer’s mind.

Do not try to sell your product or service in your first conversation. Use your first call as a starter where you use more straightforward tactics to gain their trust. Learn their goals as well as their path of resistance to continue your future conversation with them. Just Don’t hurry up!

2. Give Importance to Strategy

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Yes! You must have a well-planned strategy before dialing a number. Like how you plan your email contents and subject line, practice the same in telemarketing as well. Not just your language, you must also pay attention to how appealing you sound. Master the skill of kind words and then carefully say your lines on the phone call.

Since you are dealing with the business professionals, you must be careful in every step you follow. Make sure your statements are personalized, and it does not intend the whole set of audience. You can break your targets into smaller segments and learn their interest before proceeding. Therefore, having a well-constructed strategy works well than directly beginning with the conversation.

3. Come Up with The Best Script

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Every word a telemarketer says effects the whole marketing process. Hence, they must be careful while building the statements. It is a best practice to be ready with the script beforehand. It need not include the catchy phrase, but it should be powerful enough to convince your prospects. Also, keep your lines short and relevant.

Since you are communicating with the business person, they value every minute they spend on the phone. Hence while preparing your scripts for the phone call, make it sound purposeful and to-the-point. Do not sound annoying or nervous during your conversation. Study those lines and try to act naturally with no breakage in your voice.

4. Study Your Prospects

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Understanding your clients helps you in every aspect of telemarketing. But studying their behavior will not only include their geographical location or job title, but it also contains various characteristic of an individual. Hence, you may have to invest extra time to learn the behavioral pattern of your prospects. But, this approach helps your business in the long run by making them as your loyal customers.

You can study the comments and queries of that particular client, or you can interview them directly asking about their lifestyle. You can follow different other approaches to learn about your prospects in detail. It depends on your domain, clients interest on your brand and various other factors. Hence experiment which works best for your market and implement them to see a drastic improvement in your business.

5. Keep Your Answers Ready

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Once you study the prospects behavior pattern, you will get an idea of how to market your product to them. Based on that, you can execute your telemarketing campaigns efficiently. Apart from that, the prospects may also come up with a few questions before proceeding with the purchase. Hence, you must brainstorm a bit to create a set of questions that may pop up while they are communicating with you.

Prepare one or more answers for all those questions and be ready with it beforehand. This questionnaire will save you from the embarrassing moment as well make you sound more reliable and confident. Practice this strategy before each call and see how quickly you can handle the prospect’s objections or uncertainties.

6. Track Your Performance

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The telemarketers often overlook this strategy. Once they successfully close the deal or unable to convince the prospects after several attempts, they drop the case without investigating further. Instead of taking your previous work for granted, you have to study various factors such as,

  • Which approach worked better in your last phone call?
  • How can I modify the plan to improve the result?
  • Which statement did not work out or annoyed your prospects?
  • Do I need to follow-up with the clients or end the deal?

You can prepare a list of such factors that affected your previous conversation positively or negatively. Next, you can focus on the changes that must be implemented to make your next call sound better. Therefore, tracking is a continuous process which helps you to improve your work performance.

7. Utilize Technology Too

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Instead of following only the traditional methods in your telemarketing campaign, try to integrate new mechanisms as well. Since the technologies are evolving at a breakneck speed, it is a good practice to keep up with the advancement. It not only helps you to boost your business growth but also to stand apart from other industries.

You can apply different techniques to aid you with planning, executing as well as tracking the outcome of your telemarketing campaign. You can also invest in an auto-dialer system that helps you to speed up your process. There are a variety of tools that help you with telemarketing campaigns. Grab the one that best suits your requirement.

Final Thought

Although telemarketing is a tricky business to do, there are some simple strategies which you might overlook always. We have picked a few such techniques that will work best when you implement it as mentioned above. With these steps, you can easily convince your prospects in just a few phone calls. But, all you need is a good plan in hand before phoning them. Hence come up with a strategic plan, execute the tips in this blog, and see how telemarketing can turn out to be a fortune for your business.