Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Operating within the analysis environment, marketing practitioners may wonder if YouTube should function as one of the moving parts within their leaner marketing machine. If you have the question, does YouTube really help to generate leads? The answer is YES. In Business 2 Business marketing, YouTube simply cannot be overlooked. YouTube has proved to the power-full engine for building awareness, thought leadership, and leads generation.

No doubt, YouTube is an entertainment site. But there is a more serious side to the site, where companies create content to engage their business audience. Do consider, when B2B business buyers are looking for resources to help their purchase, they are not just looking on Google and informational websites. They are also going to sites like YouTube, which is home to an increasing amount of B2B content.

So if you are the one, who wants to market your brand on YouTube, then here we have 6 essential tips for you to follow.

1. Use Multiple Videos

Don’t expect that your visitor will spend 15 minutes to watch a single video. Try to trim the length of your video, and make into multiple videos, so as people will watch as per their wants and choice. By this your chances for exposure will improve, and you will be able to maximize messages and headlines that will fit to each video effectively.

2. Make Suitable Videos

Just uploading 100 videos will not give you the result. You need to understand your audience, ask them what they want, what is their requirement, and then provide them the best. Do keep in mind, providing information is the target and hence you should focus on the valid information to your audience, rather just displaying the video with some highlighted graphics.

3. Include Unique URLs in the Video Description

The URL could be for a landing page, or a content area on your site, or even your homepage. The objective here is to minimize any obstacles which might prevent leads from being driven back to your website. In B2B marketing, generating leads is typically an important content objective. Links back to your site facilitate this lead generation process while simultaneously improving various page-ranking metrics with search engines.

4. Use Text Summary

Today, your SEO strategy for YouTube is as important as your Google strategy. Create a text summary, and use compelling copy and keywords to summarize your subject matter and main points, and include your URL. Not only have you created a cheat sheet for those unable to watch the clip; you have enabled search engines to better locate and categorize your videos.

5. Add Optimized Tags

Tags help you label your videos so that they can be found more easily. YouTube tags are based on single words rather than phrases. Try to leverage your website SEO and SEM keyword research to include single words and word combinations that map both to the content of the video and to the terms your target audience uses when looking for that content. You’ll be able to use about 20 tags here so make them count.

6. Use Analytical Tools to Measure Success

YouTube offers us some great analytical tools, so better try to understand how they work. That will help you to know what type of viewers are watching your videos, what videos do best, and what kind of sources give you the most traffic.

If you are applying these tips, you will get a clear picture that YouTube cannot be overlooked as one of the pivotal weapon of marketing. Do keep in mind, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, and that is enough reason not to ignore it. Just you need to follow these crucial tips so as to make most out of it.