Posted On: Mar 15, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
6 Brilliant Marketing Hacks to Acquire More Leads

Multifaceted thinkers often dream beyond the standard business models. It is easier to make passable revenue from sales. But, rarely do vendors make a quantum leap in profitable gains from leads. It can only occur with an outstanding improvisation of lead generation strategy. The rule of thumb to bridge the gap is to exploit the benefits from all available channels. Consumers loyalty is earned by giving audience reason to trust

Here are the six premium ideologies that can help your brand scale new heights with a little tweak in the operation strategy.

1. Quora : The Forum To find Like Minded Leads

Time and again, the potential of Quora is overlooked, and it has resulted in the brands missing out on critical growth opportunities. Lesser known is the fact that Quora is a professional forum where patrons of common interest share views, ask questions and do much more. The wealth of information is almost immeasurable. It is a highly targeted arena to spot and mingle with like-minded users.

The first step to meet your business objectives is to spot questions in your niche domain and shooting whip-smart answers. Keep the answers relevant and accurate. It will prompt users to follow and trust you. Don’t forget to insert links in the answers redirecting users to your blogs. It is a creative way of diverting traffic to your business. In the landing page provide opt-in bonus such as videos, checklists, mini-courses, and much more in return for consumer email address.

Be rational and express enthusiasm to answer the question before focusing on your objective. The slightest hint of desperation to promote your business will upset the users.

2. The Benefits Of Thank You Page

Thank you pages are deployed at the end of the transaction not just to express gratitude, but also to play out a successful strategy asking subscribers to share the opted services as referrals or to complete quick surveys to develop a clear understanding. An independent study indicates a whopping 2,355 percent increase in positive response.

3. Error 404: They Aren’t So Bad

Netizens are seldom tolerant to bugs and errors. The most common variety is the 404 error. You will see this bland error message flashing on the screen when the requested web page is removed, damaged or improper modification of content management system.

Leading brands have converted this accident into a reason to make users love the brand. Many websites have deployed an array of creative approaches to make it more appealing to users.

4. Hidden Powers Of Archived Post

Did you know older posts are prime ingredients of increasing visitor count? Many businesses give lesser prominence to archived articles. But, shedding light on their usefulness has helped brands to revamp initiatives to optimize the older posts.

The analytics play a greater role in accurately analyzing the posts that have fared well in generating reader’s response. Get inventive and deploy offers that will boost the lead generation process.

5. Email Maybe Outdated. But, It Still Dominates In Marketing

If you aren’t sending emails, you are missing out on the opportunity to reap maximum benefits. Send more emails and adopt a casual signature while emailing clients. A lengthy email with a run of the mill promotional tone will probably make readers lose interest.

Instead, capturing the leads is possible when emails are sent with a touch of personalization. Establishing a positive vibe with the clients is an important initiative for a long-term relationship development process.

6. Social Groups Are Lists Of Target Audiences.

Social groups are game changers. They are the hotspots for lead acquisition. The only effort is to find the right audience and to give them what they need. Interesting posts and offers can often trigger a wave of expectations. As a marketer, you must channel these responses and attempt connecting with leads. The organic promotion of posts will dilate pathways to many avenues. Networking with group bosses will help you unlock more audience and developing a good relationship with the group admins will earn their trust, and should they feel your content valuable to the public, they may volunteer to promote it for you.

The strategies listed here will help you groom the tactics to gain access to more leads. The bright side of lead hunting is that they are everywhere. If your senses are keen enough to spot opportunities, you may find the lead acquisition as a seamless process. Whether outside the office or within, the leads every interaction made with prospective counts.

Emphasize on your public engagement policy and leads will respond to your efforts and may value your services.