Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Every now and then marketer looks on for new SEO technique that would provide higher visibility across search engines. With marketing departments increasingly seeing more value in digital services, PR professionals must understand how to best incorporate SEO tactics into their service offerings.

An SEO Geek

Combat competition to become a trusted SEO consultant with these simple 5 steps:

1. Google’s free tools – Take Proper Advantage

Google is one medium to offer maximum solution, claim your business’s location on Places for Business and suggest that your customers to follow suit. You looked for a common place store for all your search endeavors it delivered, and you looked for a common networking platform to connect with people – it delivered. So when Google offers you something in free do not hesitate and make the most use of it.

2. Hyperlink FREE news Release – A big No No

Links can be build through a release that crosses the national news wire or one that is simply emailed to a media list. The key rule to be followed here is to use three of four hyperlinked keywords per every 400 words.

Anchor text should direct clicks to pages within the company website that are most relevant, such as a page where a study’s full report can be found, where people can download an infographic, or where a particular service offering is described in detail.

3. Content lead paragraph – Optimize Certainly

Search engine results often display only the first 75 to 100 characters of body text. Start with the most important, keyword-rich information to ensure that is what Google uses to describe the release.

4. Blogging – Start Today!!

Blogs are great platform to continually update your site with strong keywords. They can also be shared on popular social networks, thus creating a channel to increase site traffic. Even opportunities for guest blogging opportunities can create powerful link-backs for other sites.

5. Join hands – Web developer’s can be a great resource

Never lose the developer out of sight, rather work closely to ensure the site is being built to accommodate SEO like Meta Title Text while suggesting title text for every page on the website.

Following these five major tips thus can ensure that end of the day you become a top class SEO geek. Do you have any other tips in mind, share with us we are eager to hear from you.