5 Proven ways for B2B Sales Lead Generation with Print Advertising

  • In-order to create additional qualified B2B sales leads with effective print advertising for your representatives, salespeople, resellers or distributors, you must follow the below listed proven lead generation techniques which are sure to make your marketing campaign successful.

    1. Highlight benefits in the heading: Your headline should be catchy; moreover, you must include a benefit in the headline as it will have a better chance of hooking the reader’s attention. This will also generate a request for more information. It is always advisable to include a benefit in the headline rather than describing a feature.

    2. Never use image ads, if you want more sales leads: Remember that there are certain kinds of advertising which can only do a lot to perk up the image of the company, but those are not designed to generate B2B sales leads. If you want to generate B2B sales leads, your advertising message should focus on the benefits and applications of your products/services.

    3. Make your ads effortless to skim: As everyone seems to be busy in today’s competitive business world, you must design your ads in such a way so that readers can give a glance at your ads and get the message instantly. In-order to quickly communicate the key points the ads need to have simple illustrations with subheads, bulleted points and pictures.

    4. Testimonial ads play a great role: Your customers trust their peers and expect them to tell it like it is. Therefore, you must always add quotes from your happy and contended customers in your advertising process or point out the name of the renowned companies you have served; you can also use the statistics and back them up by referencing the resource of the data.

    5. Carefully choose your words: There are certain words which are influential inquiry generator. For example – the word “Free”, this word is quite powerful as everyone in this world wants to have something for nothing therefore it attracts attention and generate inquiries. “New” is another powerful word which draws attention.



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