Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Most marketers are now focusing on the various online marketing techniques that have been made available with the discovery of various social media sites. As an internet marketer you probably spend almost your entire day sitting in front of your computer, working on your business.

You might even spend your time writing a ton of articles, tweaking your PPC campaigns, or searching for a higher converting affiliate product.

Though internet offers you a variety of marketing techniques, it constricts your growth after a certain level.  Therefore, a proper blend of online and offline marketing is what you should go for. This means advertising and promoting both online and offline.

So here are few influential tips to get back to the techniques of Offline marketing but in a better and effective manner:

1. Tweet-Ups:

Short for Twitter meet-ups, Tweet-ups are a way to invite followers who live in a particular city or region to meet in person, usually for drinks and / or dinner. Well this is one of the best way to amalgamate both online and offline method of marketing.

Before organizing a Tweet-up, see that you heavily promote the meet on these social networking sites where you have your potential prospects. Send creative invites to your prospects and let them know the benefits of attending this Tweet-up.

Secondly, look for the perfect accommodation that would suit your guests as well as your budget. Don’t go too overboard with the location and arrangements but make sure it is fit for a business meet up and has all the essentials and also Wi-Fi connection, because it all started online so your prospects will probably carry their laptops.

Please ensure that you don’t make this Tweet-up session too boring and plain. Entertainment is always welcomed and everyone enjoy a bit of recreation. Though your community might feel like a close knitted group online but sometimes when meeting face to face they end up limiting their conversation to 140 characters, exactly like their online sessions. So you should make sure they feel comfortable and communicate properly.

Finally, play the role of the kind host/hostess and of course, the idea is to promote your online business so there is nothing wrong with featuring yourself as the keynote speaker for the night.

2. Toastmaster:

Toastmaster is a great worldwide organization to be a part off ad it helps you to work on your public speaking, and we all know better communication skills will enhance your marketing skills as well. This will also provide you with a great platform and a built-in opportunity to for in-person B2B networking.

It requires an initial investment for the membership, but trust me, it is totally worth it and the benefits that you yield is going to be very fruitful. It is all about talking, and marketers never shy away from talking, hence you can present a speech relating to your business and what it offers to a captive audience.

3. Create Unique Business Cards:

It is a simple technique when it comes to offline marketing, and the results have been known from ages. Create a unique and catchy business card which has a unique blend of professionalism and creativity. And when you give your prospects your business cards, see that you give them two of them; one for them to keep and the other one for them to pass on.

4. Pitch Stories to Local Newspaper and Magazine Reporters:

Journalism can never go wrong; writing has always proven to be “mightier than sword”. So as a marketer take a chance, write articles on various marketing techniques, and post various case studies in the form of news stories in newspapers and magazines.

And once you’re done with your article, see to it that you add your name, office address and email address for any further query. The market for print media is still in high estimation, therefore it will add on to your contact list.

5. Local Business Association:

There are number of associations that provide business assistance to these business owners and organization in various forms. These organizations provide mentoring and advice to new business owners, some that provide a network for family-owned companies, and others that focus on offering support to businesses headquartered in specific locations.

It is a good way of developing your stand in these various associations as it will help you, in your B2B marketing and this will lead to the development of your market. But make sure you remain as an active member in these associations o your connections will eventually die out.

To launch a successful business for attracting publicity, leads and sales, you definitely need a solid and creative online and offline marketing plan and ideas. Getting out and meeting people face to face has long been one of the best ways to promote interest in your online business and develop long lasting relations.

So all of you marketers who spend hours in front of the computers promoting your products and services, it is high time that you go about the fundamental way of marketing – Offline marketing.