Posted On: May 25, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
4 ways of Brand Personalization

Imagine, if your companies were persons!—would you like them as you would best friends, or would you screen their calls?

Generally we assume our brands as a foreign entity, a corporate click-and-mortar existence, without realizing that its external prominence is like that of a person’s.

People by nature humanize things to give personality to things that likely have none, because doing so makes them engaging.

A 2013 survey came upon that 61% of consumers were positive about a brand when its marketing was personalized. Furthermore, from the same survey it was found that consumers were 53% more inclined to buy when a brand personalizes its digital communication.

In light of these findings, we at Thomson Data discover some of the outstanding ways of using personalization to heighten brands.

1. Authentic Faces

The presentation of authentic face personalizes your brand. The best part—including photos of the people behind it, whether they are team members or customers.

We should also keep it in mind that the more you post, the less feedback you’ll receive. Posting too much decreases “Likes” two times faster than comments.”

2. Fun communicates positive Side

Laughing is a universal expression.

By adding a dash of fun devises a great opportunity allowing your company’s personality and style shine beyond the use of real faces—it could be through comic facts, fascinating stories or a catchy web design.

3. When being socially engaging

A nice response to people on social media is a considerable way to personalize your brand. Always try to address concerns or comments about your product and create a positive interaction with your consumers. By having conversations with your customers whether playful or serious you can help bring about trust and brand loyalty.

4. By keeping Blogs

Keeping up an official company blog is a proficient way to personalize your brand and keep the conversations going about your products. The company writers should be given the ability to share their works with an informal, conversational tone that help a long way to get connected with valuable audience.