Posted On: Jan 21, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

As the days roll down, there is a constant need for new marketing solutions and tactics. However, there are few traditional ones that cannot be ignored, there are also few other methods that can never go wrong.

Marketers are in a constant dilemma, as to what they should do and what not. However, every business needs different strategies to pull in new customers, but there are few most reliable internet marketing channels. They are:

  • PPC marketing
  • SEO/content marketing
  • Social media marketing

Perhaps, Larry Kim shares some of the important marketing metrics of all time. They are:

  1. Social Media’s Post Engagement Rate

All major social networks to some degree, focus on uploading a relevant content to the users either in the needs feeds or in the activity stream.

An important factor that helps in knowing the traffic is through engagement.

What is an Engagement Rate in Social Media?

Engagement refers to the activity on your page and fan interactions to your posts. Engagement metrics are of several types:

  • Interactions – Like, Comments, Shares, Replies, Rewteets, and so on.
  • Reach – the percentage of fans that have seen your post from your Page.
  • Engagement Rates – a formula for quantifying brands’ success

For instance, on Facebook, each interaction is a sort of endorsement to your post. As as result, your posts shall be shown in the news feeds more often. So the key to being successful specially on Facebook  is to do everything that you can do to get those engagement rates up.

  1. Engagement Metrics in Content and SEO

How will you know if people love your content? Through engagement metrics such as bounce rate, average time on site (as seen below), comments, and social shares, all these metrics show how powerfully your content is engaging your readers.

  1. “The Revenue” – The King Of All Metrics

Increasing the revenue of the company is considered as the end goal, but it is an important metric by itself.

Apart from the revenue, all other metrics are just considered as proxies for sales, which everyone does at some point down the line.

In case, if the sales aren’t going up, it doesn’t really matter, how fancy and stylish your marketing efforts are, or how long people spend on the website.

If revenue is not growing, then there  is something serious that you must fix in your marketing efforts.

One must understand that content doesn’t convert to leads and sales right away. It really needs that perfect strategy and tricks. However, do not forget to take away your sight from the revenue, since its one such metric that tell you a lot.