Posted On: May 15, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Interactive Content to Connect with Customers

In the chaos of loads of information heaped on the web, the need for content that is more than just content has become crucial for the marketers.

To simplify, today we are living in an era of digital transformation where information in abundance has come on the tips of the users. Lots of content is being pushed on various online channels every day, and in this hype, you might miss cutting the web noise. The only way to let your content noticed is to take it a step forward or maybe two or three

Make it more actionable!

And, interactive content can help you do it better.

Interactive content is actionable in nature. It speaks directly to the curiosity of the users and brings the audience to an active engagement.

Here are some of the brilliant ways by which B2B technology companies can build better relationships with their customers:

1. Interactive Emails as a Tool to Inform Readers

Emails are a great way to let your audience know about your newly launched products or new services. However, when it comes to tech marketing in present era, marketers tend to believe that their prospects are typical business professionals– that they are risk-averse, highly informed and thus they cannot be enticed by using an e-commerce tone.

The truth is, 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and same applies to the B2B buyers also. Adding visuals such as videos, screenshots, images, or GIFs into your promotional emails can help speak to the curiosity of your audience. Some of the ways to use interactive elements in your promotional emails:

  • Add GIFs to tell the story about your products or services
  • Use visuals in event invitation emails
  • Bring a quirky fun to the beginning of the user-buyer relationship with GIFs in the emails

So, create a story around the product or service, place an appealing CTA, add some interactive features, and you have grabbed the attention of your prospects!

2. Animated Website Pages to Evoke Emotions

How about keeping a user active with you until you are done telling your story?

This is one of the biggest goals of many marketers, especially content marketers which can be achieved by leveraging interactive content.

Animated elements can bring life to your dull website pages when added skillfully. Here’s how brilliantly InMobi does it:

Inmobi (Source: InMobi)

When you land to InMobi’s website, you see the eye-catching animation, and the exciting part is that it never gets exaggerated. There’s imagery, animation, color combination, and everything goes in tune with the story the brand wants to convey.

Zendesk is another excellent example of animated website-pages.

Notification barsThe creativity, statistics, and the interactively placed content is something that never fails to steal the attention of the users.

3. Interactive Infographics to Gather Feedback

Customer feedback gives you the insights to know your prospects better and to create marketing strategies that can deliver improved user experience. Interactive infographics can become an excellent way to collect feedback from your audience without even annoying them.

According to HubSpot–

People share infographics 3x more than any other type of content

In interactive infographics, data is visualized by using questions, graphs, charts, and fill out forms to make it more actionable.

Technology marketers can use interactive infographics as a medium to provide educative content to their audience:

  • Add charts and graphs about stats or facts collected from authentic sources
  • Give a fill-out form to make the infographic more appealing
  • Ask relevant questions regarding your services or products

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