Posted On: Jan 23, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
B2B Technology Marketing in 2018

For many B2B technology marketers, marketing is chiefly considered as a practice of plain hard-facts, product brochures, and an intense business-pitch to entice a rational consumer.

But, 2017 showed us a different aspect.

In this digitalized world, all has changed – the reasons B2B tech prospects begin their buying process to the ways they are taken down through the sales funnel at each stage of their buying journey. And the changes are unstoppable.

If you are a technology marketer, below is everything you need to consider to implement an effective marketing strategy in 2018 and for beyond:

1. Humanize Touch to the Buyer’s Journey Will be the Major Trend

Gone are the days when the decisions of B2B buyers were solely based on cognitive intelligence. Now, they apply reasoning as well as look for emotional value in the services or solutions that you provide them. They like to listen to what their peers speak about your brand and are more likely to believe them.

70% of B2B companies report that referrals convert better and close faster than other types of leads.

It has become a widely accepted fact that a humanized touch to your marketing strategies help you entice more customers that last for long.

Thus, be it emails, posts on social media, or offline advertisement, give these a human touch, personalize all your marketing campaigns, and solicit.

2. AI Will Transform the Complete Sales and Marketing Lifecycle

Do you know that 80 percent of all marketing executives believe AI will revolutionize marketing over the next 5 years?

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword that never fails to excite a B2B tech marketer, and this might be the reason that many of them, throughout the world, is investing in it heavily. It won’t be wrong to state that 2018 and the coming years will witness a tremendous rise in the adaptation of AI applications.

Thus, Invest in Artificial intelligence for becoming skilled with marketing automation, improved lead generation, and to accelerate business growth.

3. Storytelling Will be the Core of Content Marketing

Like B2C industry, for B2B marketers and business personnel dealing in technology marketing, content has gone more than just content. It has taken a large turn wherein storytelling has become the base.

Content presented in the form of a story tends to entice more readers than the content that is piled-up with plain facts and information.

For your future content marketing strategies, move towards creating content that flows like a story. Do some homework to learn what kind of language, tone, and pitch is most suitable to your readers and provide them with a type of content that strikes straight at what they are looking for – the solutions to their pain-points.

4. Digital Engagement Will be Crucial

Be it e-commerce industry or B2B technology market; you certainly can’t win your prospects if you lack a digitalized engagement. Digital marketing is a must-have to generate leads. 2018 and the coming years will demand more of it.

Invest in tools and technologies that uplift your brand in the ranking lists of search engines. Optimize your website for mobiles, implement voice search technologies, incorporate video marketing, and focus on building a strong presence on various social media platforms. These ways, you can entice your readers with your brand efficiently.

Remember, your every potential prospect holds an opportunity of turning into a loyal client. All you need to do is to get into his shoes, comprehend the solutions to his pain-points and find the most suitable ways to deliver what exactly he’s looking for.