Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
5 Consistent Sources to Generate Leads through Digital Marketing

Apart from branding and PR, lead generation is one of the major responsibilities of a digital marketer when it comes to procuring business online.However, you must know that for generating leads some channels need more money investment whereas others need more time investment. According to industry experts a blend of both money and time investment is an ideal way to generate leads via digital marketing. Listed below are 5 most reliable sources to generate leads via digital marketing.

1. Inbound Marketing

In- order to target audience that can become your customers, you must select to use inbound marketing, which includes video marketing, content marketing, guest blogging and other forms of content formation and marketing. In bound Marketing is the best way to generate leads, especially if you are starting up and have more time than money.

2. Affiliate Programs

Instead of hoping that you would get a good return in terms of quality leads by taking the risk of investing money in different marketing channels, you must pass on the risk to the affiliates who will be prepared to send you lead at a flat rate per lead.

3. Facebook

when it comes to lead generation, the world’s most popular social networking site Facebook has its advantages and disadvantages. For B2B businesses it does not work well in lead generation, whereas B2C businesses can obtain good leads from Facebook. This is because most of the Facebook users are in consumer mode.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best platform which helps to generate high quality B2B leads. However, this professional social networking site may not work well for all B2B businesses. Generally LinkedIn Ads are very expensive in terms of CPC (cost per click) and the view to click conversions is quite low. Through LinkedIn it is moderately difficult to get a significant amount of traffic to impact your marketing until and unless you are targeting an extensive range of audience.

5. Google Adwords

If you are targeting lead generation within a short span of time then Google Adwords is the right source for you to generate quality leads. However, if you are not careful with Adwords then you may end up wasting quite a lot of money.