Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
3 Proven Ways to Generate Quality Sales Leads

While companies look for promoting their products and services, industry experts constantly work towards building smarter ways to reach those prospective customers. However, one has to remember that, not all the techniques assure customers traffic.

It’s impossible to build business in a single day. Organizations have to try and test many different marketing tools and finally stuck with the one that has proven to give best results, irrespective of the type of industry.

Yes!! Quantity is one of the priorities to generate a higher sales leads, but quality is perhaps the top one.

Here are 3 proven methods that ensure quality business sales leads.

Customer Referrals

Having a customer talking about your product is one of the best ways to generate sales leads. For instance, don’t you pay attention to, what your best friend has to say about a product that you keen on buying? Similarly, that’s what exactly works in building sales leads as well. A customer referral is considered as an organizations boon. Companies must always make sure to build a good relation with their customers.

An existing customer, very well knows what you offer and probably has a good idea of what the referred prospect needs. Take this very point into consideration while promoting your business.

Through this, it’s clear that your lead is well-qualified. And since you present yourself well-recommended from the person who knows and trusts your product, you will have tremendous credibility to your future prospect.


Pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) is also the best and most commonly used methods to generate quality sales leads for IT or a service based B2B Company.

It is also the cost-effective way of marketing your products and services and is best suitable for startups that usually face funding and other financial constrains.

To make your SEO and PPC more effective, use Long tail keyword phrases that usually consists of three or more words. You will be able to pull your target customers with less hassle through this, due to its specificity.