Posted On: Nov 26, 2020
Posted By: John Duff
Email Marketing Stats and Trends

Email marketing, after a year of great upheaval-2020, would witness a massive transformation to meet the marketing needs of organizations. While this form of marketing is one of the oldest forms but it also has not been spared by the pandemic. 2021 would be the evolution year for one of the trustworthy and reliable channels of marketing.

As we move forward, let’s know this fact almost 55% of the marketers stated that email marketing gives them the best ROI. –

With increased competition where, you have to show numbers and the real-time results, this is a valid statement by marketers.

The majority of the customers and marketers both really want something useful that would help in their business communication.

A quote by Jay Baer, an expert in marketing, conveys the same:

“Stop trying to be amazing and start being useful.”


  • 72% of people still prefer brands to send emails. –
  • Every recipient who is your prospect receives 121 emails daily. –
  • Personalization could fetch you 179% more click-through rates. –
  • A P.S. after email content could make all the difference.
  • Pre-headers in the email should be given a try to improve the performance

The reality is that now the channel is proving to be the convenient mode for the small, mid-sized businesses as well as the large enterprises. According to a recent report, almost 38% of the American population have trust in the small businesses, and almost the same % of consumers are triggered to take action by emails. –

Americans Confidence on Small and Big Business

How would Email marketing in 2021 be different?

You must now be well-versed with AI and the amazing role it is playing to bring about the right change to the business world. But do you know the technology could be a game-changer?

Yes, with the advancement in technology, one can expect that AI could take control over the future email marketing process. And do not fret as it would just assist you, not take your role!!!

So, let’s find how it would do so:

1. Retargeting:

AI helps in the retargeting of the customer. As known, with increased competition customers have many options. This increases the cart abandonment rate. AI with email marketing could reduce this rate and bring back the customer to complete the purchase.

Retargeting the customers via email


The brand Jack Wills shows how the process can be executed. The brand segregated the group of customers who abandoned the shopping cart and then reached out to the customer with the best designed email. They even mentioned the 50% off in the email so that it motivates them to complete the purchase.

2. Personalization:

AI could maximize the marketing ROI as it helps streamline the approach to reach the target. It helps in super-personalized campaigns. 26% of the emails have higher chances of being opened. –

The AI algorithms help target customers whenever the customer visits any catalog page, browse their desired product or service and so on.

Email Personalization


Airbnb, the American online rental marketplace, shoots out an email with the help of AI. The algorithm found out that travelers are looking for favorite locations to go on vacation. It then sent the emails with the right content and details about their offer. The process is helpful as it helps winning back the customer that otherwise would have been lost.

3. Accurate Time to Send an Email:

Why do you think the best time to send an email is needed?

While going through your inbox, you will find a pile of emails that have never been opened. These are some of the promotional emails sent by brands that you have forgotten to delete and thus are lying in your inbox. As a marketer, just think when you send emails to your customers, do you think they would behave differently?

Absolutely not!!!!

Thus, you have to shortlist the best time that can help you grab the attention of your prospect.

AI could help find the best time to send an email. As per a report, almost 20% of the emails were found to be opened on Tuesday. The role of artificial intelligence in this respect cannot be ignored. –

4. Your Content on Steroids:

AI helps decide the best email content for any campaign. The technology makes your process more effective by trying more variations of content that would give instant results for your organization. For example, take the subject line of the email; if it does not evoke the emotion among the recipient, then they would simply not open the email.

How do you avoid this scenario?

With artificial intelligence…

The technology generates the best one with respect to many phrases, emojis, sentiments and other emotions. This, in turn, drives the recipient to open the email at that moment.

5. Automation Activities:

Help Scout shows how the amalgamation of AI and email marketing could automate the activities in the best way. The brand states the reports, workflows and the knowledge base included in the plan trial.Automation Activities


Email marketing automation fine-tuned the campaign of the organization. AI is the driver in this process. The technology helps analyze the behavior, interest, preferences of the customer and shoots out the email accordingly. As per a report, marketers consider AI (26%) to be the next big trend in marketing. –

Wrapping up:

Email marketing would never be dead. In fact, it would be modernized with new tactics and techniques like putting the old wine in a new bottle. The existing customers are happy with the email marketing services and as it gets infused with new technologies, the new-age customers would also find it more convenient and helpful to meet their ever changing needs and requirements.