Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Whether you want to introduce a new product or service to your target prospects or pass on a multi-channel email marketing campaign, you need a B2B prospecting list. In fact, for any marketing efforts like email marketing, direct marketing, cold calling, customized B2B prospecting list is a great resource. But, many of the marketers assume that building a giant prospect list with thousands of contacts is a fruitful first step. Nonetheless, building irrelevant prospects list results in unsuccessful investments and demote the organization’s strategy.

So, here are nine steps for building a free B2B Prospecting Database for outbound marketing campaigns.

1. Identify the Industry:

Begin by picking the industry and, if likely, the sub-industry. Likewise, you can also conduct an SIC code perk up for the target industries. Build separate lists based on industry categories.

2. Identify companies:

Characterize the broad criteria that will help to recognize organizations inside the picked industry. You can fragment by income, geography, employee strength, and so forth. This step will help you to focus on the market size.

3. Select companies:

After handpicking the company, segment the data which helps us to target and conduct successful marketing campaigns.

4. Identify the right people to connect:

Conduct a role-based or tittle based contact search to identify the decision-makers in each department of the company. Build a list of such targeted contacts.

5. Choose the Level:

Set what level of decision-maker, you expect to target, for example, director, executive, VP, C-level, and so on. Additionally, note the levels you would prefer not to target like low-level executives. Doing so will help you choose or drop those contacts in the resulting accurate target list.

6. Follow standard format:

Following a uniform format will vastly help you to analyze, segment and organize the data attributes. It also serves as a guideline for a list building job.

7. Start Internet Research:

Internet research is the most paramount and prolonged step. For building the list, consider these factors: (a) company website (b) LinkedIn (c) Industry associations. Follow the same order of priority to get the most important and precise data.

8. Refine the search process:

Set the goal and do smart work. Optimize the search and budget your time to build the list.

9. Validate the List:

Begin calling to confirm the prospect list. Commonly, front-office staff or an assistant will be able to check the data. Recall that, you are not promoting or offering to them at this stage. Draft a calling script that will rapidly help you check the contact data.