Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Sept 28, 2011: Thomson Data, a global leader in targeted marketing solutions, announces the release of their USA State Mailing Lists, designed to aid direct marketing operations confined to specific American states.

Mailing lists represent an excellent way to reach potential customers in a cost-effective manner and the industry has adapted to encompass nearly all forms of direct marketing, including electronic media. Geography often influences the marketing of many products and services across the globe and international list vendors have been quick to recognize the necessity of geographical list segmentation.

Regional differences can powerfully impact your sales strategy with cultural and climatic factors playing an important role, said John Duff, senior marketing manager for Thomson Data, and with USA state mailing lists we hope to address the need to individually cater to populations that may require a different approach in terms of marketing.

State mailing lists allow marketers to target particular demographics within a particular state. This allows for a concentrated campaign that has been shown to increase overall sales and investment returns. Thomson Data, with this latest addition to an already formidable selection of mailing lists, paves the way for marketers to engage both consumers and businesses across all fifty states. The company also offers a number of additional data services designed to augment sales efforts and enhance customer communication, including data appending, campaign management and website design.

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