Thomson Data Announces DataCon 2017

  • Thomson Data Announces DataCon 2017

    April 24, 2017 – Plano, Texas: Thomson Data, one of the best data-driven marketing agency has announced DataCon 2017, a database marketing conference which is going to be held from May 9th to May 10th, 2017 in Texas.

    “Last year, DataCon 2016 was a huge success with 232 attendees throughout the country. This year, we are so excited to announce DataCon 2017 which features international speakers of innovative companies as well as marketing influencers from various industries. This year DataCon is bigger and better. And it means building more partnerships, opportunities, and ways of thinking. By bringing together innovative minds from all the industries, DataCon 2017 seeks to revolutionize data-driven marketing for SMBs and large enterprises from all the industries.” said John Duff, Marketing Manager at Thomson Data.

    Using real-world case studies, speakers will show what tools can be used for executing data-driven marketing strategies to boost your sales. Participants at DataCon 2017 will leave armed with new tools to transform their businesses and connections to organizations that can help them in the journey.

    DataCon 2017 will be focusing on the key areas of:

    • Data-driven marketing approaches for 2017
    • The Role of Account Profiling in ABM
    • Why is B2B Account Profiling crucial nowadays?
    • Advances in database marketing strategies
    • Integrated approaches to harness customer data
    • Foster data into becoming the essence of your marketing strategy
    • Enhance your ROI by building a successful data strategy
    • Challenges and limitation of database marketing

    For more details:


    Thomson Data LLC
    4512 Legacy Drive, Suite 100,
    Plano, Texas 75024

    Phone: 800-385-8221

    About Thomson Data:

    Thomson Data is a Digital marketing solutions provider that specializes in Data-driven marketing and B2B account profiling services. Thomson Data’s list accumulation is based on benchmarks such as location, industry, title, and other popular fields.

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