Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Sept 4, 2011 – Thomson Data, the world’s leading list solutions provider, announces the release of its Realtor Sales Leads. These lists are intended to help sales professionals reach out to nearly every real estate agent and broker in the US with a minimum of effort.

A popular misconception is that realtor lists are only utilized by large construction firms with multiple projects across the country. However, the immensely competitive nature of the real estate broking means that agencies are always on the lookout for increased advertising opportunities and efficient client communication technologies and methods. “Anything that helps realtors cater to their customers in a faster, more efficient manner is guaranteed to make a tremendous sales impact within the industry”, said John Duff, senior marketing manager with Thomson Data, “and that’s why we see the real estate sector as a great target market for multiple product and service offerings”.

With the vast majority of consumers searching the web for information on available properties, almost all realtors now use the internet as portal to acquire new clients, making them prime candidates for online advertising and email campaigns. Additionally, real estate agents often seek the same sort supplies that any small to medium business requires to continue running efficiently.

Thomson Data has meticulously compiled lists of every major and minor real estate agency in the United States, ranging from the largest firms to small-town brokers. And with a host of ancillary marketing services on offer, the company has, in a short period of time, established itself as one of the leading realtor lead generator in the US.

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