Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Oct 12, 2011: Thomson Data announces the release of its Oracle ERP User Lists, aimed at marketers trying to corner the market in Oracle ERP applications.

Businesses across the globe are increasingly turning to software to streamline operations and provide management solutions. As companies continue to invest heavily in IT, enterprise resource planning has created a strong platform for third party applications to be developed and marketed.

Oracle Corporation leads the industry in enterprise technology rivaled only by SAP in market penetration and software compatibility. Their business offering comprises of over 5000 software products that fulfill the enterprise resource planning needs of millions of businesses across the globe. In 2010, Oracle logged profits of over $6 billion, making them one of the most successful software companies in the world.

Thomson Data’s Oracle ERP user lists will allow marketers to reach key executives within Oracle-using companies world-wide. Applications today are as diverse as the industries and sub-sectors that use them and Oracle ERP systems are no exception. They represent huge market potential in terms of the sheer number of applications created to support the various functions required in different industries, said John Duff, senior marketing executive, At Thomson Data, we believe that direct marketing is a fast and cost-effective way to reach the millions of users that may require a specific software module.

In addition to mailing lists, Thomson Data also extends a host of data and marketing services designed to boost sales and improve market penetration. For more information. please visit: