Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Thomson Data seduces German markets an offer of 1500 free records

March 28, 2012: A leading provider of mailing lists and marketing data solutions, Thomson Data, today announced a special offer aimed at German enterprises. If your business concern is based in Germany, you stand receive 1500 exclusive records for every 15000 that you purchase. This offer is limited to German buyers and is set to expire on April 8th, 2012.

As Europe’s largest economy, Germany is home to booming markets and a massive export industry that racked up a record $1.3 trillion in exports for the year 2011. John Duff, senior marketing manager with Thomson Data believes that this offer is in line with the expansionist trends prevalent among German businesses. Germany’s relatively quick transition from a severely recession economy to a thriving, export market is a testament to the strength of German financial governance. We believe that our mailing list solutions come at a time that is ripe for sales-driven organizations to quickly expand and reconsolidate their customer bases. said Duff, speaking from the company headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Thomson Data has helped companies all over the world fuel their sales drives with highly accurate B2B mailing lists that can be segmented by industry, geography, revenue, employee count and hundreds of other selects. Their master database reportedly contains over 300 million business records allowing for truly global coverage across every industry imaginable. Duff goes on to say Our data is nonpareil when it comes to finding the right prospects for any product and I’m sure the German B2B market will appreciate our overtures in bringing them an offer that delivers an excellent value-to-price ratio.

By breaking into Germany, Thomson Data is set to gain a real foothold in the European direct marketing sector a market that many list vendors have shied away from following the 2008 global recession.

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