Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

20th May, 2013: As the month passes by, to near a day when the entire nation drizzles with patriotism, B2B marketers would have yet another reason to smile. From 20th May till 31st May, Thomson Data kick starts the Memorial Day offer – a 20% off on all B2B purchase list.

Whenever there is a holiday, there are a plenty of vendors ready to get in action and increase their sales. Memorial Day sales are no exception. While mailing list organizations are looking for more traffic and hoping that you spend more money this weekend, as B2B marketers, you can seek out the best deals to ensure you save money instead.

Yes, we believe in promoting conventional offers said John Duff, senior marketing manager with Thomson Data in a statement earlier today. As a team, Thomson Data cherishes every customer owned till date, capturing data, performing research and then cracking a deal befitting all possible interests.

Thomson Data has helped companies all over the world fuel their sales drives with highly accurate B2B mailing lists that can be segmented by industry, geography, revenue, employee count and hundreds of other selects. Their master database reportedly contains over 300 million business records allowing for truly global coverage across every industry imaginable.

List customization facilities by Thomson Data are designed to give clients a clear edge, when competing in any markets, by focusing and tailoring their campaign toward specified niches. Commended for high deliverable ratio ensured by a double verification process, marketers tend to benefit more from each email list and stand to gain both in terms of response rates and ROI.

So Stop Bargaining and Start Purchasing!! Get more details about the offer and services by clicking on the link below..