Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

28th August, 2013: As America relieves passion of Labor movement all through years of struggle and contribution, Thomson Data takes a leap ahead as a trusted business partner to release an offer that would not only perk up conversions but also add unique competitive advantage.

Avail 15% discount plus 5% extra on purchase of any professional list above $5000 from 28th August till 6th September. To make sure the news of the deal reaches every mail box and marketers have enough time to buy the deal, Thomson Data decided to maintain a healthy pre and post offer timeline.

Rising competition across industries have made it imperative for B2B marketers to plan campaigns that supplies maximum conversions in minimum expenses and time. Therefore companies instead of building internal mailing list are starting to depend largely on buying large relevant email databases. Buying database ensures the leads are verified, targeted and qualified thus turning rarity into opportunity. Binding all these aspect plus an ever dying attitude to serve the best to the clients makes Thomson Data invincible in their domain of mailing list.

Understanding pulse of marketers in this ever-changing world economy that bounds diverse industries to slide towards specialized management software, email marketing is perhaps the fastest way to reach out to millions of potential prospects. The information supplied by Thomson Data has help major companies bring new markets within their sphere of operations and has successfully launched many an entrepreneurial start. With over millions of records, including a tag of permission based while serving quality additional services is what Thomson Data has in store for you.

So if you would like to grab a great offer and turn your sales teams into a bunch of happy closers, get to a telephone and call Thomson Data, today!

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