Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Double bonanza Offer of 10% off and 10% extra on Purchase above $10K

3rd July , 2013: An offer cannot get a better introduction than the patriotic Independence Day and therefore ThomsonData pledged to commemorate the historic Fourth of July with an irresistible double bonanza offer of 10% off and 10% extra of sales leads on purchase made above $10K..

The offer officially starts from 3rd of July and continues till 12th of July giving ample time to B2B marketers for making the most of it. 4th of July infuses a feeling of patriotism, brotherhood and strong bond within people and marks a great day for spending quality time together. The pre-launch of this offer would allow marketers to complete all necessary purchase before heading home.

With over 280 million records on hand, Thomson Data presents a treasure trove of mailing lists and direct marketing resources. The company offers some of the most comprehensive mailing data available anywhere and covers a massive range of industries and consumer demographics it maintains a well worked out consistent approach to delivery and quality. Most marketing campaigns owe its success to a targeted, relevant and customized email lists and ThomsonData aims to provide exactly that.

A lot of B2B marketers work under strained budget within organizations, which poses a problem, while launching or promoting products. In situation like this, reaching the right people at the right time reduces many of the marketing costs. Staying a top in mind of the buyers with brand visibility can only assure success, especially in a B2B buying-selling cycle that is not only elongated but also filled with ranging competitors. All of these hiccups are possible to overcome only through a hygienic, well-updated and reliable email database.

In addition, if you are having problem choosing the right one, ThomsonData can provide the exact escapade for all your marketing worries and mishaps.

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