Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Jan 11, 2012: As the holiday season comes to a close, marketers are once again gearing up to unveil fresh offerings and launch new campaigns. With this in mind, Thomson Data, a global leader in direct marketing solutions, has extended its Christmas Bonanza offer to the 13th of January. The offer includes a discount of 20% on all list purchases and data appending services.

In view of the staggering response we’ve received from all over the world, we’ve decided to extend our year-end discount to let our last minute customers purchase some fantastic leads at a premium discount, said John Duff, senior marketing director with Thomson Data. This offer gives marketers a golden opportunity to rapidly acquire fresh customers, and a great bargain in the process.

With over 280 million records on hand, Thomson Data presents a treasure trove of mailing lists and direct marketing resources. The company offers some of the most comprehensive mailing data available anywhere and covers a massive range of industries and consumer demographics. With a Thomson Data mailing list, businesses will be able to effectively reach out to markets across the globe, immeasurably enhancing conversion rates and ROI.

The company also provides custom list-building services that allow marketers to focus sales efforts on their best prospects within specific industrial and consumer segments a boon to enterprises that cater to niche markets.

Additionally, the data appending services provided by Thomson Data deliver superior match rates along with data that is 100% opt-in. Companies that are looking to enrich their existing databases and strengthen customer relationships will find the appending process particularly effective, especially when it comes to multi-channel marketing endeavors.