Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Special Discount On Oracle and SAP User Lists

Jan 25, 2012: Thomson Data, a global leader in marketing data solutions, is offering a 15% discount on its database of SAP and Oracle users. These lists will enable marketers to tap into the lucrative and fast-growing business software application market. Thomson Data’s information banks contain an extensively developed ERP database that will help marketers target major and minor industries across the globe.

A booming marketing in ERP and CRM applications is taking the business software industry to new heights. Oracle and SAP, as two of the biggest players in the business software industry, control almost 40% of the market. Given the upswing in the business process management sector, the ERP vendor revenues are expecting a sharp rise in growth. said John Duff, senior marketing manager with Thomson Data. We’d like to give marketers everywhere the opportunity to capitalize on this burgeoning expansion by offering a substantial discount on our data products.

In a world where increasingly diverse industries require increasingly specialized management software, email marketing is perhaps the fastest way to reach out to millions of potential prospects. Success in the field of application marketing is largely dependent on creating a product that fits seamlessly into the right niches. A well researched mailing list can help sales teams compartmentalize the market and zero in on high-response sectors, said Stevens.
With millions of records on file, Thomson Data is home to some of the world’s most extensively developed ERP databases. The company verifies the accuracy of all data purchased prior to delivery in addition to overhauling their entire database every quarter. Mailing lists from Thomson Data also offer customers a 95% delivery guarantee, a tribute and industry benchmark for data accuracy.

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