Posted On: Jul 14, 2021
Posted By: John Duff

Time and again, marketers send emails that don’t connect with customers.

And why this happens?

It’s due to instances where marketers state sentences that don’t go down well with recipients.

So, what should one do?

You should list out those words, sentences and keep in mind to never write them again in emails.

It would give your email a professional look and effective in the long run.

what sentences to avoid in email marketing

Some sentences to avoid are:

  • I love your service (Instead list out some points that you found beneficial)
    Why? This looks too direct and flattery
  • Please look into at your convenient time (State why they should read your email)
    Why? Your email is a priority one, don’t push it also don’t devalue it
  • I am …… with designation…… (Introduce yourself but in a way that puts value in email)
    Why? Your name and designation won’t hold interest of customer
  • Are you 100% satisfied with our service (Ask if they want further improvement in it)
    Why? Many customers won’t directly tell they aren’t satisfied
  • You might be busy (Ask what would be best time to connect)
    Why? B2B decision-maker would be busy, don’t state in email
  • Click on this link to…..( Just ask if they want more information they can read further)
    Why? No customer likes to be coaxed
  • Our service is the top-most in…. (Mention how it would help their business needs)
    Why? Your bragging would do no good for your brand
  • Order today to get the best deals (Just state how best deals would be beneficial)
    Why? It looks more of an aggressive strategy by marketers
  • Can you reply ASAP (Tell why it’s crucial to take decision further at right time)
    Why? No customer would leave their work just to reply ASAP
  • Can I ask for more details? (Just mention it would be better if they provide precise details)
    Why? This question can ward off some customers if they aren’t comfortable with you
  • Join millions of our customers (Talk how about checking whether it aligns with their needs)
    Why? Because it shouts that you’re bragging about your customer base
  • Please read…..(Instead, mention it would be better if you read…)
    Why? It’s a B2B deal, so you don’t need to lead them to read
  • And one more thing (Instead just state it)
    Why? It looks unnecessary
  • We should connect more often (State why it would be better to remain in touch)
    Why? No one would like to connect sans business purpose


Email marketing would always be popular among marketers, as it is one of the best channels to reach out to global customers. You need to avoid some common mistakes that marketers do while sending emails; this infographic would help you out.