Top Ecommerce Platform for Small Businesses

  • Top Ecommerce Platform for Small Businesses

    The ecommerce business is growing rapidly. With this, companies have a huge responsibility to choose the right platform that could make their process easier and seamless. Small companies with a limited budget need to choose the right solution to have a good experience with the customer.

    A good ecommerce platform offers all the necessary features along with transaction ease.

    top ecommerce platform for small businesses

    Some of the top ecommerce platforms for small businesses are:

    Squarespace (Founded in 2004):

    • Flexible layout
    • Has built-in SEO tools
    • Analytics
    • Mobile editing
    • An all-in-one platform
    • 24/7 customer support

    Pricing of Squarespace:

    • $12/month- $70/month

    Opencart (Founded in 1998):

    • Automates customer payment
    • Manage digital catalog of products
    • Analyze the product quantities
    • Easily integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
    • Manage permission, user account
    • Coordinate marketing through varied channels

    Pricing of Opencart:

    • $9/month- $29/month

    Magento (First release in 2008):

    • 2 platforms- Magento commerce, Magento open source
    • It gives a seamless shopping experience
    • Multi-store and global solution
    • Responsive design themes
    • Integrated B2B functionality
    • Fully managed services

    Pricing of Magento:

    • $2.95/month- $12.95/month

    Shopify (Founded in 2006):

    • It is fast and reliable
    • It is an intuitive platform
    • Themes are customizable
    • It handles shipping, payment, checkout
    • It offers live support
    • API is available

    Pricing of Shopify:

    • $9/month- $299/month

    Wix (Founded in 2006):

    • Offer handmade illustrations
    • Offers advanced SEO tools
    • Gives hassle-free customer support
    • Can analyze site performance
    • There is no live support
    • The source is cloud-based

    Pricing of Wix:

    • $5/month-$25/month

    WooCommerce (Launched in 2011):

    • It is written in PHP
    • Open-source platform
    • Secure payment feature
    • Multilingual content
    • Can track reports via Google analytics
    • Scalable

    Pricing of WooCommerce:

    • $12.95/month- $23.95/month

    BigCartel (Founded in 2005):

    • Digital Products
    • SEO friendly
    • Order Management
    • Can showcase on Facebook
    • Inventory tracking
    • Easy to use

    Pricing of BigCartel:

    • Free-$29.99/month

    VirtueMart (Initial release was in 1997):

    • Supports unlimited categories
    • Open-source ecommerce solution
    • The templates support HTML and CSS
    • It has a customization option
    • It is highly configurable
    • Clean backend interface

    Pricing of VirtueMart:

    • It starts at $50 per feature.


    With many customers favoring to purchase products on ecommerce sites, it is essential for businesses to have the right ecommerce platform that would redefine the shopping experience on these platforms. Besides offering smooth buying, it should provide a seamless transaction process.

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John Mathew, Direct Consultant