Posted On: Dec 30, 2022
Posted By: John Duff

What is a B2B Marketing Funnel?

  • Step-by-step strategy to attract and convert visitors
  • Combination of SEO, paid ads and social media marketing
  • Enables segmentation for personalized marketing
  • It’s a long sales process
  • Builds a connection with the user

Advantages of B2B Marketing Funnel

  • Improves SEO performance
  • Boost brand awareness and brand image
  • Better lead generation
  • Expands customer base and network
  • Enhances paid campaign ROI

If your lead acquisition is ineffective, it’s important to build the B2B marketing funnel correctly.

Roadmap to Create a Perfect B2B Marketing Funnel

Steps for B2B Sales Funnel Development

1. Develop B2B Target Audience

Do You Know? Over 70% of marketing managers feel building an audience is more important than sales.

  • B2B marketing funnel stages must focus on the target audience
  • Narrow down probable users
  • Build customer persona aligned to objectives
  • Consider interests and demographics
  • Optimize marketing campaign accordingly

2. Create Awareness

Do You Know? Google Ads Display Network can market your brand among 90% users.

  • Run Facebook and Google ads
  • Ads can lead to landing pages or free webinars
  • Develop lead magnets like articles
  • Offer valuable solutions and tips

3. Offer More Product Information

Do You Know? Around 85% of customers rely on product information for any purchase.

  • Provide information to hook users
  • Send automated emails with product data
  • Videos to highlight product benefits
  • Product comparisons and pricing data
  • Analyze email open rate and engagement

4. Provide Free Trials/Demos/Discounts

Do You Know? 92% of customers prefer using discount coupons to buy items.

  • Help users in product evaluation
  • Provide free trial or demo
  • Send emails describing features
  • Feedback forms to fetch customer data
  • Send case studies, comparisons and reviews

5. Lead Users to a Purchase Decision

Do You Know? 87% users research online before taking any buying decision.

  • Send quotes, testimonials, and coupons
  • Special offers trigger an immediate decision
  • Provide discounts on first purchase
  • Run social media ads and SEO
  • 80% of users prefer a customized experience

6. On-board and Re-Engage with Customers

Do You Know? 97% of organizations feel that customer onboarding is vital to their growth.

  • Provide assistance to onboard customers
  • Access to video tutorials and blogs
  • Consider customer budget while sending offers
  • Nurture leads through special discounts
  • Track customers who might purchase later

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