Posted On: Sep 25, 2019
Posted By: John Duff

Have you ever heard that mere collection of leads is of no use for your business? Or static approach is a safe game for demand generation? These are all myths whirling around about B2B demand generation. There are still a lot more of them that unknowingly impacts your performance or hinders your business growth. So, before planning your next marketing campaign, we recommend you to take a look at this Infographic. It busts eight of the most prevalent falsehoods about demand generation.

B2B Demand Generation

[Infographic Content]

  1. More Leads Equals More Customers

Myth: You will get more customers if you are capable of gathering large number of leads.

Fact: All your leads won’t convert. Businesses need only qualified leads for B2B demand generation campaigns. The number of leads doesn’t matter.

  1. Demand Generation is Pretty Easy

Myth: You can gather a large number of leads easily via demand generation strategies.

Fact: There is no shortcut for the demand generation process. Buyer’s journey has turned complex, making it highly difficult for marketers to grab leads.

  1. Website is the Key to Lead Generation

Myth: B2B companies must maintain a good website to generate leads automatically.

Fact: You don’t necessarily need a great website to keep leads flowing. Cold calling, email, and social media campaigns can provide the best B2B leads.

  1. Easy to Influence B2B Buyers

Myth: You can control your buyer’s decision easily with demand generation campaign.

Fact: Businesses can’t predict a buyer’s decision. They may buy from you at the first stage or leave in the last phase of your demand generation campaign.

  1. Generate Leads from Demands

Myth: B2B companies can quickly generate a large number of leads based on demands.

Fact: B2b demand generation is a continuous process. You must attract, engage, and nurture the leads down the funnel to generate quality leads.

  1. No Sales Team for Lead Generation

Myth: Sales team are not involved or must be kept at bay from the lead generation process.

Fact: Sales team is essential for the successful implementation of B2B demand generation campaign. They ensure to get the right outcomes down the lane.

  1. Technology gets you More Leads

Myth: Integrating technology helps you in getting more B2B leads for your company.

Fact: An appropriate technology will improve efficiency and facilitates lead generation strategy. But, it will not directly impact your leads score anytime.

  1. Static Demand Generation Approach is Safe

Myth: Usage of static approach for demand generation is considered as the safe play in B2B.

Fact: Implementation of a static approach takes around six to nine months. By then, the data you collected from sales and marketing teams turns outdated.

Take your B2B Company on a whole new path of success by revisiting the present demand generation strategy and rectifying the myths stated above.