Posted On: Aug 17, 2022
Posted By: John Duff

Even the best email marketing campaigns suffer from unsubscribes. You must refine your strategies to engage readers, retain them, and improve conversion rates. Understanding your market will also help you reduce the unsubscribe rates.

25 Ways to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates


1. Segment Your Customers

  • Organize your customers into new, old, and target readers
  • Send targeted emails according to the marketing objectives for each group

2. Understand Your Audience

  • Develop email campaigns according to your target customers
  • Consider customer demographics, requirements, and preferences
  • Highlight only relevant products in the mails

3. Emphasize On Your Product Value

  • Highlight the product or service advantages you offer
  • Explain how it will add value to the customer’s life
  • Add an example if possible

4. Focus On the Language

  • Ensure the language is readable and casual
  • Avoid complicated jargon and be crisp

5. Add an Attractive Subject Line

  • 47% of readers open the email if the subject line is catchy
  • The subject line must be direct and understandable
  • It must intrigue the reader to read on

6. Don’t Flood the User’s Mailbox

  • Avoid sending more than two emails per week
  • Limit the number of follow-up emails to one

7. Personalize the Emails

  • Include customer information in the email
  • Address the customer using their first name
  • Mention previous purchases

8. Send Relevant Emails

  • Emails must contain relevant promotional content
  • Don’t send irrelevant emails to lure or mislead customers

9. Focus On the Reader

  • The average response rate is almost 16.97%
  • Put the readers’ needs and interests ahead of business objectives

10. Avoid Using Colored Text

  • Stop using colored texts, emoji’s, and too many exclamation marks
  • It reduces engagement and triggers the spam filters

11. Include High-Quality Images

  • Include original pictures relevant to your product
  • Position them properly to make the content interesting

12. Stay Away from Aggressive Marketing

  • Avoid salesy language to force a purchase
  • Be authentic and try to connect with the customer

13. Insert Testimonials

  • Add social proof and testimonials of satisfied customers
  • It improves your brand value and marketing efficiency

14. Optimize Emails for All Devices

  • Make the email content mobile friendly and responsive
  • Ensure the content is short to fit perfectly on all screens

15. Offer Special Discounts

  • Provide discounts and gifts to subscribers
  • Offer special offers for loyal customers to increase retention

16. Deliver Valuable Content

  • Provide content that’s promotional and valuable
  • Send market data, customer insights, and brand stories to boost engagement

17. Provide Freebies

  • Provide free trials and subscriptions
  • Offer free tools and facilities to reduce unsubscribe rates

18. Arrange Contests

  • Organize polls, quizzes, and giveaways frequently
  • Provide special discounts to contest winners

19. Collect Feedback

  • Send feedback forms to understand customer preferences
  • Ask readers about the pros and cons of your emails

20. Consider Opt-in Emails

  • Opt-in emails increase customer satisfaction and build trust
  • It helps you reduce irrelevant customer contacts

21. Send Various Content Types

  • Send videos, blogs, case studies, and e-books about your products
  • It keeps the emails engaging

22. Make the CTA Catchy

  • Add an attractive CTA that’s linked to your brand page
  • The button must be easy to find and click

23. Suggest Tips and Tricks

  • Give tips and tricks related to making the customer’s life easier
  • Position your product or service as a solution

24. Proofread the Copy

  • Edit the copy to remove grammatical errors
  • Avoid any factual errors

25. Ensure Emails Load Quickly

  • Your emails must load quickly on all mobile devices
  • Don’t include videos or images that don’t load fast