Posted On: Aug 17, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Manipulating Sales Pitch to Various Customer Personality

The personality of your client plays an important role while tailoring a flawless sales pitch. The Internet is aplenty with resources that coach marketers how to please a customer based on his or her personality.

If your existing efforts are leaving you stranded, it is time amend some ideologies to improve the rate of conversion drastically.

In this article, you will gain an extensive understanding of persuasive tactics to dilate user traffic by targeting individual’s personality.

Here is how you turn strangers into customers by pitching at their personality types.

1. ‘Expressives’ – bold and divulging

A well-spoken communication can be meritorious to marketers and expressives alike. A friendly attitude can help gain traction in no time. Articulate visions and express the same through exertion.

Since expressives have a liking for the spotlight, follow their stipulation and you may benefit gaining extensive personal information. Since goals and plans stimulate enthusiasm, build a constructive conversation around their expectations to get momentum for a long-term cooperation.
Ask questions to reach the bottom of their needs. Occasionally, expressives may stray off the subject. Hence, a marketer must gently guide the conversation back on track.

Credibility plays a significant role. Leveraging on authenticate feedback of former customers and organizations will stimulate the attention of Expressives.

2. ‘Drivers’ – bold and less divulging

Identify business drivers to focus on the present. Since the drivers are unruffled by neither the future implications nor experience from the past, it is practical to let them take charge and engineer quality decisions.

Most Drivers are reliant on quality data. They rarely need profound analysis while making decisions. They aggressively focus on the crux of the matter.

Drivers can be assertive, and their ability to process matters may seem too quick or shrewd. They make piercing gestures that convey the message in an unmistakable manner.
It is imperative to present facts and figures that distinctively speaks of benefits. Opinion and assumptions have no place in the Driver’s dictionary. Put forward cogent arguments to earn a Driver’s trust.

Spread out choices when required and allow flexible decision-making authority to Drivers. Do not confront at the initial signs of slack, appeal to Drivers in a non-assertive manner.
Since time is a precious commodity, conclude the presentation sooner. It takes skill to present the matters in a stipulated timeframe. It can make an instant statement about professionalism. Often, Drivers finds such attributes appealing.

3. ‘Amiable’ – divulging, but not bold

Amiables are polite and fond of long-term business relationship. They nurture a “help others” attitude and are excellent listeners. They are also reputable for their indisputable brand loyalty. They are less narrative and save their opinion until a later instance when they are much comfortable with the interaction.

Amiables are more likely to be interested in the understanding between members within the lateral discussion.

Any aggressive sales maneuver will likely result in consequences where you may miss a critical opportunity towards long-term gains. However, focused strategy to build trust will invigorate the relationship. A trusting Amiable is a loyal customer.

4. ‘Analytics’ – neither bold nor divulging

The Analytics depend on factual information from the past to make decisions. Analytics are not hasty decision makers; it is unreasonable to expect a quick conclusion to critical matters.
Analytics have a bearing attitude that helps marketers convey the matters without worrying if the interaction miffs the listener.

They do not make sharp gestures and penetrating statements. Analytics dote on the feasibility of a solution. They fasten on profitable sections of the proposal.
It is easier to impress the Analytics if you could layer the presentation with measurable elements such as diagram, charts, and quotations. Make no mistake; Analytics prefer clearly phrased communication that isn’t embroidered with confusing rationale.

Do not solicit a quick response, else; they may feel dubious about the whole idea. Allow them to be acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the offer before finalizing decisions.
Defining the oversimplified image of an individual is paradoxical. The information provided here is the closest interpretation summarizing the best strategy to tailor sales pitch for your customer.

It is possible to encounter numerous characteristics that are beyond the scope of this resource. However, for a marketer, it is essential to identify the traits and design a suitable pitch to obtain desired results.