Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

Recently, a survey was conducted by marketing Sherpa where it revealed the perception of technology buyers for email-offer content. Along with, there was another survey where the same question was being asked to B2B marketers, based on what they believed motivated buyers.

And based on the survey, here are the top five types of content offers identified by the buyers. The statistics is based on the percentage of surveyed buyers who answered yes to the above question:

  • News and Articles – 84%
  • Competitive Comparisons and Buying Guides – 73%
  • Promotional Content – 70%
  • Educational Content – 65%
  • Free Research Reports – 64%


After that, the result that showed the interest of marketers is as follows:

  • Educational Content – 92%
  • Free Research Reports – 86%
  • Peer Best Practices – 79%
  • Competitive Comparisons and Buying Guides – 77%
  • Interactive Peer Comparison Tool – 74%

In the result, only 42% of marketers said that an offer of promotional content would motivate buyers to act. Whereas, if you go through the consumers point of view then you could make the difference, simply, they want us marketers to go with promotional content so that it can teach them about the company and the offer more properly.

It’s very obvious that prospective buyers who reach a certain point in the buying cycle will want and need to learn about a prospective vendor’s products and services. So the conclusion is, we the marketers need promotional content that provides all the information that appeals more to customers than any other mode of content.