Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Reach your Targets with a Precise Physician Database List

If your company is looking to market products and services to doctors then accurate physician lists are quite essential for your business. Usually businesses that supply goods and services directly associated with physicians and medical practices are the primary users of physician list. Such businesses include medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, EHR and medical software, CME programs, payers, office supplies, facility management services and ancillary service providers.

Apart from that, businesses like club memberships, real estate, travel services or automobiles which target individuals with high net worth and non-refundable income like real estate, club memberships, automobiles, luxury goods or travel services with the help of a good physician list can also promote their products and services to doctors.

So, how to select a physician list?

While selecting a good list of physicians it is always advisable to spend some time in the process as this is sure to make your marketing campaign successful. Remember that a quality list increases your promotional budget and powerfully dissects down the time and resources spent on fixing incorrect records.

Many people think that when it come to the size of the database bigger is better, but it is not so, as the AMA report says that in the U.S. there are more than 814,000 licensed physicians. Although the main purpose is to reach as many physicians as possible, a database that has millions of physician contacts may actually contain records of other healthcare providers like nurses and office administrators. So, it is quite important to elucidate that the database you are buying comprises records of only practicing physicians.

An accurate physician list that includes records like patient volume, specialties, practice size or even prescribing information can assist you to narrow down your targets and reach the correct audience. Always remember that a highly targeted physician database can enable you to reach out to the right audience and reduce wastage. An incorrect database is sure to cost businesses both time and money; therefore it is quite necessary to keep a database fresh and up to date.

When it comes to procurement physicians are not always the decision makers. Therefore, purchasing task may be carried out by procurement departments in medical practices that are owned by or associated with hospital or healthcare groups. In such cases, hospital database may be more helpful and appropriate than a physician list. A precise hospital list can furnish marketers with information like administrator names, the number of clinics owned, and hospital specialty.

Deployment of marketing campaign

Marketers with the accessibility of mailing addresses via physician lists can catch the attention of their targets with creative direct mailers. Even though direct mailing compared to electronic channels has a higher cost still it reaches targets without internet access and also to the ones who are not active internet users.