Posted On: Aug 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
How to Measure Your Social Media Presence?

If you are keen to be found among the millions of sites on the web, you need to focus on enhancing your popularity on social media. By having a strong social media foothold, you can efficiently build your company’s reputation and showcase your business. Various studies have concluded that customers tend to purchase from businesses with an active Facebook fan page rather than the one without it.

Social media not only gives you massive exposure but also provides you with sharing capabilities and a huge number of users, giving your business the ability to advertise your products and expand the market for your offerings.

However, it is very vital for you to know the effectiveness of your social media efforts. To go ahead with your strategies, you need to know what’s working, and what isn’t? Until and unless you are aware of the outcomes of your previous initiatives, you cannot go for a new one. Feedback is very crucial in such a scenario. So, now comes the question, how can you measure your social marketing? Are there useful ways to evaluate its success?

The answer is yes; you can.

By following these simple six ways, you can easily measure the metrics of your social media presence.

Count Number of Campaign Visits

By campaign visits, what we refer to is the number of times a lead lands on the page containing your social profiles. By tracking the number of times someone loads your social media page be it your website or your page available on a social platform like Facebook, Twitter and more, you get to know the number of visits.

To measure the total number of new sessions and see how many of your visitors are new and how many are returning, you can use analytics tools. It will help you in knowing how effective you are in reaching and engaging customers with your content.

Track Social Interactions

When you’re tracking interactions, you can compare it with the number of campaign visits to get an idea of how engaged your social visitors are. The number of times prospects interacted with your social profile falls into this category. While measuring it, signing up, voting, liking, etc. are taken into consideration. Such metrics will help you better understand how different segments are engaging with your content, and you can act accordingly.

Who is Sharing Your Content?

If a prospect does not limit himself/herself to just liking your page on social media platforms, rather takes a step forward and even starts sharing and re-tweeting your posts then it means you are going o the right direction, and your efforts are paying off well. By keeping a count of number of shares, you get to know how engaging and interesting your content is.

Measure Response Rate

It is most of the time based on trust as people are more likely to give a positive response to things shared by their reliable sources like family and friends. By counting the number of times people responded to what you shared or re-tweeted by visiting your social sites, you get to know how many resulting clicks your social presence is amounting to. The more your content is shared, the more are the chances of customer engagement.

Evaluate the Rate of Registration on your Social Page

As part of your social marketing strategy, you might advertise your content on different social platforms. If this appealing piece of content captures anyone’s attention and that person ends up following the link to your social profile and participates in any contest or leverages a promotional offer that requires them to sign up, then this adds onto your number of registrations done through social channels. By maintaining a record of it, you get to know whether your marketing efforts are being productive or not.

Determine Who is Widening Your Reach

When you are doing business then, it is obvious that you will have a support base who admires what you do and are satisfied with your services. By support base, we mainly refer to your existing customers with whom you have a good reputation. These people often act as a great source of influence when it comes to promoting your brand. They use their social network to popularize your brand by sharing your posts, blogs and more. Hence, you need to keep tracking how these influences are working for you.

If you have not measured all these social metrics till now then, get started with it immediately.