Posted On: Mar 04, 2020
Posted By: John Duff
Leverage Buyer Personas to Boost email conversions

A buyer persona is the right profile of the target customer after executing detailed research on the audience. In the complex market scenario, where every customer is unique, you need to understand the needs of each of the customers accurately, to shoot out the right email.

As a marketer, you must have sent personalized emails to the customers.

Customer buyer personas are one of the best techniques to send personalized emails, for increased conversions.

Every business must have faced this challenge:

Getting a high number of leads, but a lesser number of conversions!!!!!

Buyer personas help to resolve this challenge with the complete analysis.

So, how to define a buyer persona?How to define buyer persona

A buyer persona, as stated before, is the profile of the customer after conducting detailed research on the target customer. In this process, complete details are analyzed, such as his interests, likes, dislikes, fear, motivation, etc.

As a marketer, when you make the right analysis and develop the right profile of your target customer, then it becomes easier to convert these customers.

B2B Buyer Persona:

The below image depicts the B2B buyer persona. Here, you can see Steve, who is the CEO of a mid-sized company, has his set of challenges, needs, behavior patterns, motivators, etc. When as a marketer, you can analyze his requirements, then it becomes easier to target him with the right technology.

b2b buyer persona
In-depth, you understand his need, the challenges he is facing to fulfill that need, the behavior pattern he is following to satisfy that need and what are the motivators to fulfill that need.

The right analysis then helps to generate a perfect buyer persona profile.

Processes to Develop the Right Buyer Persona:

Developing a buyer persona is not an easy task. As a marketer, you have to work step by step to develop the right one.

There are some processes involved to develop the right buyer persona, such as getting the right people involved, establishing the target personas, defining the personas, etc. The process also includes conducting research, with the help of the interviews and the surveys of the targeted audience.

So, how do you use the research for creating the right persona?

You make a good balance between the details that are fictional and the researched data. This ensures the credibility of the profile. The fictional details ensure that the information which did not surface through research is covered up for building a complete profile and via a comprehensive approach.

Many times building these personas can lead to the actual description of the person in real-time. It becomes easier to conclude their likes and dislikes.

Buyer Personas in Email Marketing:

Email marketing has always been the right mode of communication with their customers. Almost 93% of the B2B marketers are known to have implemented email marketing in their business process.

This is because the revenue generated from email marketing is much higher than other modes of marketing platform. So, as a marketer, you should get deep into the minds of the customer by understanding their practical needs and requirements.

Under demographics, basically, age & gender are included, but there are specific practical demographic insights such as:

1. Geographic location: Geographic location also has a huge impact. The place where one resides, influences where they also shop.

2. Family scenario: When you are targeting single people, you have to approach in a different manner, than targeting married ones having children.

The below email campaign is from a sports retailer:

asics sports retailer

Don’t you think this email will give better results if you send it to fitness freaks?

How it varies for each industry?

Buyer persona varies greatly with each industry. It is useful for different industries in the following ways:

  • For nonprofits organizations, it helps to increase the donations.
  • For the brick and mortar store, it increases the footfall.
  • In the eCommerce industry, it increases the sales

With the help of the customer buyer persona, you can understand what would kick start a customer to make a specific purchase. This can help in further strategy for putting the right elements in the marketing campaign for connecting with the customer in the right way.

Just as you can see in another example below:

Rachel home stay

Rachael, the stay at home mum

The challenges, pain points, business background, and lifestyle are the highlights in this section.

As you can see, although her husband has a high paying job in finance but there is only one salary for now. They have a high mortgage which at the end of the day leaves them with few cash to spare.

As a marketer, before promoting any service or sending an email campaign you can understand and craft an email that conveys that how taking your service can make her life easier.

No customer is going to purchase your service unless they are assured that it would make their life easier or improve their business revenue. For this developing a detailed, precise buyer persona profile is the best approach to help you send the result-oriented email campaign.

As acknowledged attracting high-quality prospects in B2B should be given priority than attracting more low-quality prospects, which leads your organization nowhere.


Buyer personas are necessary to understand the requirements of a person so that marketers can plan the right strategy to attract and convert the prospect. It mitigates the number of customers who have nil chances of conversion.

So go out of the way and reach out to the best prospects at the right time to increase the conversion rate and revenue at the right time.

The buyer personas are a great facilitator in this respect. As a marketer, if you start attracting only the right prospect, whose needs aligns with the service provided by your brand, then you can make the conversion process seamless and effective. It even helps to make your marketing campaign successful, worthwhile and steers it in the right direction for generating good business results.