Posted On: Jan 12, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

If your email campaign is achieving the desired results then you do not need to read the following article. But if your emails are not working perhaps you need to read this article as it just might help you.

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands. When done correctly, email marketing can achieve a higher ROI than any other direct marketing method. Unfortunately, email marketing has gotten a bit of a bad reputation because of the numerous businesses that just don’t know how to manage it correctly and are not getting results.

If you go about your email marketing campaign wrong, you can even hurt your business by destroying your good reputation and annoying leads. In this article we look at the most common and deadly mistakes that should be avoid.

1. Bad Subject Line

Subject line is the first thing that is noticed by your audience. More than 69% of the times, your email will be deleted just because of your poor subject line. Try to limit your subject line within 5-6 words, avoid using marketing speak or sales speak, avoid the words free or sale or save money, those words will send your email to the spam folder.

You have to make sure that your email from line displays your company name or brand name and not some of an employee. The recipient might not know the name of that employee and hits the delete button. So don’t make this easily fixable mistake.

2. Too Many Offers

Send a one concept email, do not list all the opportunities you have available in the one mail message. If it shows that you are using the scattergun approach and are hoping the one of your concepts will entice your readers, then it might go other way.

The person who opens your email does not want to see a whole range of hyperlinks to all your opportunities. In most cases the reader is looking for a specific solution. If your email puts them off because of all hyperlinks and the length of the email they may never open another email from you.

3. Linking to Your Homepage

One of the biggest reasons for poorly performing emails marketing campaign is the lack of linking to the landing pages. For example, if an email is asking the reader to take action (e.g. save up to 30% off on a purchase of technological mailing lists) with a link to the homepage instead of that particular landing page. If you are running a promotion on technological lists, then link to a landing page that contains only the information regarding offers on technological lists. Don’t expect that your readers will dig around your website for the offer.

4. Image Based Emails

If you have the perception that an image based email may attract more attention, then you are wrong. Text only mails have a 40% higher click through rate than those picture emails. There are multiple reasons that this may be, the first of which is that emails are often checked through smart phones and webmail, neither of which displays images as well as desktop client.

If you do use lot of images with a lot of text in them, be sure that you repeat everything in simple text, so that users that are unable or unwilling to see images don’t miss important content.

5. Sending News Letter to Wrong Mailing List

There is nothing worse than sending a newsletter to the wrong audience. Imagine sending a pipeline industry list to any software company. Your bounce rates, open rates and complaints will be disastrous. Recheck that you have selected the correct email mailing list. Also make sure that none of the links in text or images are broken.